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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

UKIP: Lawrence Webb on the farce that was the London elections

"This campaign lacked any true chain of command, and people were given roles and responsibilities beyond their capabilities".

Lawrence Webb on UKIP's election campaign in London

The Junius Team would like share with you Lawrence Webb's damning indictment of the way UKIP's leadership handled the farce that was the London election campaign. The 19 page document was presented to the NEC.

It comes as no surprise that Peter Reeve is exposed in the document as a sheer incompetent - a man of limited intelligence and ability. Only in UKIP could such a creature rise to a position of authority. And yet there are still some who want the chump as an MEP!

For example:

From: david coburn
Date: Thu 19 Apr 2012 10:14

CONFIDENTIAL. The NEC approved the use of this ludicrous phrase with other things like "...and residents" etc. at the behest of Pete Reeves. The general understanding was that they were to be used in conjunction with "UKIP" but not

EXCLUDING. "UKIP" no one is that daft !!! Pete Reeves seems to have misunderstood what could be put on the ballot paper and did not check it properly. When I went through my nomination papers in detail with Bexley when I was putting them in the returning officer pointed out how it would appear and that UKIP would not be included in the descriptor.. I called Pete Reeves on my mobile in front of the returning officer and Pete told me that was nonsense. I passed the phone to the returning officer who confirmed what I had said. Pete then said something like "Woops!"and giggled nervously. He had obviously misunderstood the regulations. I phoned Stavely who confirmed his instructions. As a matter of fact he had questioned both Messrs Crowther and Reeve twice by email and Reeve had confirmed the descriptor. So unusually for UKip Stavely actually obeyed orders. It was too late to change the descriptor for the superconstituences as most had gone in and there was insufficient time to change the rest. After frantic calls between myself, Reeves, Crowther and Nigel it was decided to carry on with the rest of the supers as they were for the sake of consistency and I immediately ordered Messrs Stavely and Webb to drop everything and redo the papers for the list and replace the descriptor with "UK Indepedence Party" If I hadn't discovered this nonsense we would have had "a fresh start for London" on the list too !!! I further suggested we should market the "fresh start for London" as a cunning plan by our press and marketing wonks. Funnily enough they belived it as no one could be that stupid. YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP !!! Yours aye David CONFIDENTlAL

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This document - with emails - proves beyond any doubt that UKIP - under the current leadership/ NEC - is not fit to be trusted with ANY political office.

We've had problems converting the PDF to a readible form on here. We'll sort out the gremlins!

To read it on GLW's blog: LINK

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