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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UKIP ditches mad Monckton

UKIP's corrupt leadership finally decided that Monckton had gone too far after he claimed that the globalist elite plan to exterminate billions of the world's population.

And so they wheeled out the odious Gawain Towler  - who wouldn't go to the toilet without first asking Fuhrer Farage - to explain why UKIP was no longer in love with the mad 'lord'.

From Brendan DeMelle'' blog:

Gawain Towler, Ukip's press spokesman, has confirmed to me this morning that Monckton "no longer has any formal role" with Ukip. Towler described Monckton as an "outlier" who is now "semi-detached" from the party, partly because he's "barely in the country these days". (Before arriving in Rio, Monckton had been touring the US Tea Party circuit casting doubt on the origins of Barack Obama's birth certificate.)
I asked if there had been a falling out between Monckton and the current Ukip leader, Nigel Farage. Towler said not, but said that Monckton - whom he described as a "17th century pamphleteer" - was sometimes the source of "frustration" and was "very much Lord Pearson's man - they own contiguous shooting estates in Scotland". Towler added that Monckton had been active in the party at a time when it was "not drowning in talent", but the recent surge in popularity for the party had seen a fresh influx of personnel. Monckton was a "loose cannon", said Towler, but Helmer is a "tied-down cannon, pointed in the same direction".

To read the original: LINK 

How we laughed at Towler's desperate attempts to rewrite recent UKIP history! Has he forgotten that Farage was just as eager to bring Monckton on board? Some of us have LONG memories! And what of the 'fresh influx of personnel'  as described by Towler? Failed and discredited Tories like Helmer and Swann are hardly the sort of people that any serious political party would want anywhere near them!

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