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Saturday, 9 June 2012

UKIP Bigots Club

The leader of a political party should not tolerate unprofessional outbursts from members - especially when they come from high profile members.

And yet we've had not a single word of censure or explanation from UKIP's so-called leader, Nigel Farage, regarding the recent outbursts from the likes of Patrick Moore and Alexandra Swann.

Does Farage agree with Tom Bursnall and Alexandra Swann that the unemployed shouldn't be allowed the vote? LINK

Does he agree with Patrick Moore when he says that "A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. And the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut.” LINK

Does he approve of UKIP being represented by a 'Press Officer' who has no concept about how to behave as one? LINK

Farage's continued silence can only be taken as an endorsement of their views.


Greg_L-W. said...


I believe that this is rather hard on Farage who at the end of the day is NOT a leader, merely something of an entertainer and showman.

To understand why Farage is leader of UKIP one need only look at the top 50 people in UKIP and one realises there is not a single solitary honourable, erudite, informed politically competent individual; opf ANY gravitas - merely inheritted wealth estate agents and nobodies.

Ask yourself if YOU had a country estate, children, animals and staff would YOU risk putting anyone from UKIP leadership team in your home whilst away for a week let alone a month.

Can you in fact name an individual amongst UKIP leadership team you feel you could trust sufficiently to employ in an executive position.

Primus inter pares has been Farage's policy as most of his rivals, who had they stood up to his antics I am sure he would far rather see as leader but in testing them he finds he has built 'A House of Cards' as with Michael Dobbs' novel beset with intrigue, back stabbing and duplicity where no one shines.

Aware of his own ineptitude Farage has removed anyone of integrity, ability or stature so that like the barn yard cockrel he can shine out as he crows and preens on top of the dung heap that is UKIP in the squalid farmyard of EU politics.

As farmyards go it is time for a thoroughly radical clean up to make UKIP viable whether you see Farage as Napoleon, Boxer, Sqeeler, Snowball one can put UKIP faces to all in the rabble!

UKIP's catastrophic results in domestic elections show all too clearly that as it stands it is unfit for purpose and going nowhere.

That is not to detract from Farage's indisputable, if somewhat jim Davidsonesque, abilities as an entertainer and performer.


Greg_L-W. said...


I was amused to note UKIP executive Mick McGough living down to expectation and fulfilling every stereotype as predicted:
I too find the bitterness,unpleasantness and the dissembling of the pony tailed ,self aggrandised bigot ironic.Given that for many years he has been terminally ill I'd expect him to make peace on earth and engender goodwill not make enemies and disseminate untruths.Still if you are dependant on the puppet masters' cheque you must stick to their script

Yet to date neither this odious and proven untrustworthy liar nor any other member of the corrupt leadership clique of UKIP & its claque have managed to identify a single solitary 'untruth' of any material consequence in any of the 1,000s of postings I have mader.

Mick McGough not only was proven to be a liar and have tried to cheat his colleagues but even went so far as to criminally spam my computer with around 20,000 offemnsive, abusive and unwanted intimidatory eMails as filtered out by my virus checkers & spam filters!

It is sad to see the Party we all had such high hopes of demeaned by such vile scroats!

To see spokesmen and supporters of a clique that pretends to leade4rship and British values behaving thus, as they so often do, is benearth contempt.

Clearly they have no understanding of duty or public service just an obscene and overiding self interest - may I remind them I am answerable to no one, seek no votes, have made every detail of my illness readily available to assist others and state my opinions and views backed by facts and cross references, links and examples.

I am paid by no one nor have I ever been for my political views and activities they are expressed as a matter of belief.

Unlike many of UKIP's more cowardly muppets I have used my own name and my own money for ALL my political activities and have repeatedly offered both the right of correction if I make even the slightest error of reporting but also to be available in public at any reasonable time to debate the views I have consistently put forward.

Now run along McGough and your corrupt cronies andf fimnd other boots to lick rather than endlessly betraying my Country for YOUR gain!


Greg_L-W. said...


I note with further amusement that having made a complete fool of himself with his ill informed and gratuitous attack on me Mick McGough has been put very much on the spot by Ian Gillman, formerly a UKIP NEC member who resigned due to the corruption.


It will be interesting to see what lies McGough will come up with to justify himself - or will he seek to deflect from himself as a proven liar and cheat, as reported by UKIP's own 'Returning Officer' - his usual tactic is to hide in shame or mount fatuous attacks on others rather than act honourably and resign.

Unlike McGough and his cronies we are able to prove every fact we present whilst he seems unable to even make the feeblest attempt at justifying his lies and dishonest accusations.

We await with interest as to whether he can make any plausible defence of the serial corruption, fraud and outright thefts seemingly clearly presented by Ian Gillman!

We do know that Andrew Smith was unable to justify his dishonesty or at very least serial dereliction of duty and unprofessional behaviour when Party Treasurer and quit leaving the Party accounts in total disaray and with no ability to answer the 29 simple accounting points asked of him on The NEC.

Just as Mick McGough, his sidekick at the time, is unable to act with any dignity or integrity and further befouls the reputation of UKIP, The CIB and The Freedom Association with whom he is a hanger on.