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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

UKIP: Stuart Wheeler fails to answer some rather awkward questions

Last December, Andrew Edwards - former UKIPPER - received an email from Stuart Wheeler. The email contained a request for a donation to UKIP. Mr Edwards replied by asking the following questions:

As Party Treasurer Mr Wheeler has a clear duty to find out what happened to £211k which disappeared from the SE Regional Accounts between 2004-5.

As MEP's are currently donating so little, shouldn't Mr Wheeler be dealing with those MEP's who selfishly refuse to help the Party financially before asking ordinary members for their cash?

Shouldn't Mr Wheeler be explaining to you all where Nigel Farage spent the £2m in expenses, which he boasted of receiving between 1999-2009.

Mr Wheeler should be demanding that Nigel Farage explain, to you, why he failed to keep his promise to pay the balance of his real expenses and claimed expenses to the party or into a fund for victims of the EU.

And finally, Mr Wheeler should be demanding that an audit of all EDF monies received by Ukip MEP's/officials should be undertaken before, you, are asked to help out.

Six months on and Mr Wheeler has still failed to have the decency to answer Mr Edward's rather awkward questions. So much for Mr Wheeler for being a new broom in UKIP!

Stuart ' head in the sand' Wheeler


Greg_L-W. said...


it is not just that no one has shown that UKIP's accounts are not corrupt it is that so many people have shown that they are!

Edwards notes a couple of the points but you will recal UKIP was left in the desperate situation when I provided chapter and verse of some 50 clear discrepancies that all they could do was invent lies to cover for the apparent criminality.

Unable to address the facts they did what UKIP so ofyen does it tried to discredit the messenger and the very best they could manage was that I had a pony tail and like children in a playground kept chanting this as if I didn't know when frankly who cares what they think it was the facts they could not address!

Even John Wittacker's lamentable rebuttal and the lies of Malcolm Wood failed to disprove a single fact I had presented.

Interestingly Andrew Smith was so unable to justify his shoddy efforts at accounting he ran away leaving 29 unanswered questions put by Richard Suchorzewski and Alan Bown was left scrabbling to TRY to find suitable excuses - He failed!

When the ex Bank of England executive on the NEC raised the issue of missing money, corruption and seeming fraud and theft he, Dr. Eric Edmond was attacked and lied about to cover-up.

The sequence of corruption has been near continuous it seems and as ever the only answer UKIP can come up with is some muppet mounting ad hominem attacks to TRY to discredit the many messengers.

Clearly by their actions UKIP are guilty being clearly unable to provide honest and trustworthy accounting answers that are plausible.


Greg_L-W. said...


may I ratjher belatedly thank those who have pointed out that I have not commented for some time in support of Junius when able to prove the veracity of their postings.

As to the usual stream of childish protestations and name calling that inevitably follows such details and facts when one considers the ineptitude and self serving nature of the inadequates that they believe their attacks count for anything they clearly reinforce the facts presented by the Junius team and the desperate rumours regarding me are jjust risible.