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Friday, 8 June 2012

Nigel Cabbage and Bull Unions ‘Up In Hooves’ At Catalonia Bullfighting Ban

More light relief from the blogosphere!

“This is an outrage,” a clearly angry and confused bull shouted at reporters following Catalonia’s decision to ban the noble sport of bullfighting. “How are we supposed to earn a living if we can’t get all stabbed-up to death by a bloke wearing a Mickey Mouse hat and a Liberace costume? It’s the dole, is it? Yet again this is political correctness gone mad. I don’t know what I’m going to tell my wife, the cow … BOOM BOOM!”

“I feel very sorry for these bulls,” said a donkey who was about to be thrown off a church tower for religious reasons. “Nobody deserves to lose their job, especially when they lose it through nanny state government interference. I just hope they find other employaaaaaayAAAAAAARRRRRR......

Nigel, holding hairbrush, rants at mirror

Meanwhile, former UKIP big gun Nigel Cabbage was typically robust in his condemnation of the ban,“I see the insidious influence of The Bloody EEC in this decision,” he said. “It’s obvious that pressure’s been brought to bear on the Spanish government by a cabal of animal rights maniacs in Brussels, and now thousands of bulls face an uncertain future because of pandering to the left wing, liberal elite. If a nation wishes to torture an animal to death or throw one out of a belltower to appease an angry god, who are we to stop them? This is cultural Nazism of the worst kind and I have no doubt the Spanish equivalent of Churchill is spinning in his grave today.”

To read the original shocking report in full graphic detail: LINK

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