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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Alan Bown and the Elcom case: If you think you’ve got problems …..

Alan Bown, UKIP’s chief donor, is not very happy at the moment. His legal bill is now over £100,000 and rising! Michael Zuckerman, UKIP’s Party Secretary, has conceded to the NEC that UKIP is likely to lose. The final cost to UKIP will run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Alan has rather surprisingly agreed to pay for EVERYTHING if UKIP loses. However, he is furious that Nigel has not bothered to come and support him in court. He is also absolutely furious with Andrew Smith and largely blames him for the whole mess. Privately, he wants Smith to resign. Gerard Batten now wishes he had never signed Andrew’s nomination papers!

You may remember that it was Andrew Smith who, as Party Treasurer, continued to accept donations from Alan Bown despite the fact that Alan was not on the electoral roll. This is illegal under current electoral law.

At the High Court Alan had to rely on the moral support of Gerard Batten, Lynnda Robson and Lawrence Webb as Nigel was ‘far too busy’. Michael Zuckerman could only managed a hour before quickly disappearing down the Strand (I hear that he had an appointment with God). The Electoral Commission ( who have a barrister, a junior barrister and five solicitors fighting their corner) argue that UKIP should face the full weight of the law as they gave Farage and Smith every opportunity to cooperate. Indeed, they approached them five times about Mr Bown not being on the electoral roll.

It is anticipated that Mr Justice Walker, will hand-down his judgement shortly.

When will Nigel learn that he is not above the law?

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