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Monday, 24 November 2008

Bob Spink: UKIP MP?

A strange press release was recently posted on the UKIP website:

Dr Spink said: "I joined UKIP because it alone respects Britain's independence and this 'single issue' determines our economic performance and policy is almost all areas of our life."

In a letter to the Clerk of the House of Commons, Dr Spink wrote: "May I be designated simply as 'Independent'? I remain an enthusiastic UKIP member and supporter, but UKIP have never had a whip at Westminster and I have been acting, effectively, as an Independent in the house, so this adjustment of my designation should add clarity to my position."

"In short, I remain 'UKIP's MP', but I am independent of any Party Political Whip, as I have stressed many times."

Anthony Butcher of the Democracy Forum has said: “UKIP made a big fuss of him becoming their first MP and representing them in Parliament. It's a fair step backwards for the party, who now no longer have an official UKIP presence there”.

Question: Why did he want his association with UKIP removed? As UKIP’s only MP he surely decides the UKIP whip for himself?

Rumours in Brussels suggest that Dr Spink is getting disillusioned with UKIP’s current leadership. The recent NEC fiasco and the expulsion of three very respected members apparently left him feeling very uneasy. Is Dr Spink about to leave a sinking ship? Watch this space!

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