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Friday, 21 November 2008

Nigel Farage:EU Reformist?

Nigel has been making some strange noises lately and not just in the watering holes of Brussels!

At a SOS Democracy lunch in September - hosted by Mr Dan Hannan - Farage attacked the ‘Anti Maastricht Alliance’ claiming that were only fit for last year’s wars. He then suggested that ‘ a new approach’ to the EU was needed. It now seems that Nigel is very keen on the idea that the EU can somehow be reformed from within. Our dear Marta is especially fond of the nonsense. One can only speculate why Nigel is so keen to embrace her views. At a recent NEC meeting she was questioned about her reformist views. Nigel quickly steeped in and whispered to her not to reply. What is he so afraid of?

Dear fellow UKIP members, Nigel is leading you down the garden path. He is not interested in Britain quitting the EU. He simply wants to stay on the Gravy Train for another five years. He would even be prepared to jump ship if it suited his purpose. He has no loyalty to the Country. He certainly has no loyalty to UKIP or the members. Dump him or watch UKIP wither and die.

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