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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Nigel Farage’s proposed deal with the leader of the Tories

Clive page, UKIP press officer and convicted benefit fraudster, should really learn to hold his tongue. Singing like a canary after you’ve had a few is not a good move. After all, you never know who may be listening!

Earlier this year an offer was made to the Tories. Nigel was willing to do a deal with David Cameron if the price was right. Nigel offered to withdraw all of UKIP’s parliamentary candidates if Cameron allowed UKIP to stand uncontested in three safe Tory seats. As you would expect, Nigel wanted a seat. The others seats would go to David Bannerman and Bob Spink.

Sadly, for Nigel, the Tories were not interested in his grubby little pact. Why should they want to do a deal with a party in decline? The Tories have far more sense than to align themselves with someone who is currently involved in so many scandals that he makes Peter Mandleson look like the Pope.

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