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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fascism in UKIP: The disgraceful treatment of Eric Edmond

You may recall that Dr Eric Edmond was expelled from the NEC earlier this month. His ‘crime’ was to voice concerns about the MEP selection process and Farage’s leadership.

David Bannerman was one of the prime movers behind the disgraceful treatment of Eric Edmond. Like a venomous spider he poured his poison into Nigel’s ear. He compiled the nine page travesty of a document that was presented to the NEC. Paul Nuttall, in a cowardly attempt to rig the meeting, refused Mr Edmond the right to have legal representation. In a further travesty of justice, Bannerman was allowed to be both prosecutor and judge!

UKIP has now become a fascist style party. Any criticism is ruthlessly crushed. Elections are declared null and void if the candidates face doesn’t fit. If you dare to speak out you are targeted, smeared and removed.

And Farage, Nuttall and Bannerman have the audacity to criticise the EU!

Perhaps members will now realise that Nuttall is no better than Farage. This ‘new broom’ is just another career politician who wants his snout in the trough. He will do anything to please his master. The NEC is now corrupt and beyond redemption. Those who sit on it are without decency and honesty. With the exception of Mr Young they are all Farage’s nodding donkeys.

Incidentally, who does Bannerman really work for? Has he really severed all links with the Tories? Why did he stay with a senior Tory in Brussels? Why have talks taken place between senior members of UKIP and members of the Tory Party? Is UKIP just a Tory pressure group or a real political party?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bannerman, like Farage and Nuttall, is using you.

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