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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Gawain Towler: British Democracy Forum Monitor & Wannabe UKIP MEP

One of Gawain Towler's jobs in Brussels is to monitor the British Democacy Forum and make copies of anything that he feels should be brought to Nigel’s attention. What a great way to waste taxpayer’s money! Lately he has been extremely busy as Nigel is obsessed with finding out who I am. For a while he was convinced that I was Greg Lance-Watkins. Now he is not so sure ……..

I was quite amused to hear that a few disloyal UKIPPERS in Brussels are copying some of my postings and passing them round the hallowed floors of EU HQ. Much fun has been had at the expense of failed scriptwriter and EU employee David Bannerman and his now infamous Suffolk Rally. Sadly, David does not share the joke and has bitterly complained to Nigel about the damage to his ‘reputation’.

Get a life David! After all, you have an extremely well paid job in Brussels, a lovely desk, a signed photo of Graham Norton and enough paper clips to fill the Albert Hall. What more could a man from Acton want!

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