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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Nigel Farage admits "UKIP is brassic"

At a recent meeting in Weybridge Nigel admitted that UKIP does not have enough money to fight the Euro elections. He needs between £300,000 and £400,000 for the South East if he is to stand any chance of keeping his seat. The South West also needs at least £150,000 while other regions will be largely expected to fend for themselves. Please don’t tell little David Bannerman of Acton. He already faces the prospect of getting pushed aside by Bob Spink. Another blow like this could finish him!

Nigel also needs £250,000 for a campaign HQ in London. He went on to explain that you can hardy tell the British electorate and the press that Britain’s fourth largest party is “brassic”. Quite right, Nigel. After several years with your snout in the trough I would have thought that even you should have been able to save some of your cash for UKIP’s fighting fund.

Nigel also upset certain members by stating that only the two lead candidates would be featured on campaign literature in the SE. As you can imagine the other candidates were far from happy! Nigel, my advice is to quit before you fall. If only you knew how many stories are yet to break!


Greg L-W. said...


astonish just how much damage this inadequate leader has done to UKIP dragging it into the gutter and getting such a crass candidate the dishonest Andreassen woman as his co. candidate are so unpopular Farage doesn't expect to be elected without spending approaching £1/2Million.

How much more will be needed to buy her way to the troughs she so craved for his chum Martha!

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

Hello Greg,

Farage is leading UKIP to electoral oblivion. Even some of our own MEPs now admit it. The sooner he is removed as leader the better.

UKIP must be cleaned-up or die.