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Friday, 21 November 2008

Paul Wiffen writes to UKIP's NEC

UKIP London is now in dire straits. Moral is low thanks to Farage‘s dishonesty and incompetence. Nigel has put a block on Gerard Batten getting any decent publicity on UKIP’s website and is still pushing to get him removed before the final MEP lists are published in April. Gerard has already been threatened with deselection by the previous party chairman after he complained about the selection process and Ralph Atkinson‘s dirty tricks campaign.

As you can imagine the Paul Wiffen, Chairman of the London Regional Committee, is far from pleased with current events. He has now written to the NEC demanding a guarantee that Gerard will not be removed as the lead London candidate. If the NEC refuses to give such an assurance they will face open revolt in London. Paul has also made it clear that a promised £10,000 donation to UKIP will only be made if the donor is assured by the NEC that Gerard remains top of the London list.

The gloves are now off. What will Nigel do? He needs the money but, on the other hand, he does not want Batten as an MEP after June 2009. He is determined to have Zuckerman as the lead candidate or should I say lead nodding donkey. The NEC has until December to make a decision. Oh dear! Watch this space!

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