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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fascism in UKIP: The proposed changes to UKIP's constitution

Derek Clark MEP has been asked to draw up amendments to the constitution . Paul Nuttall will be given dictatorial powers to remove the so-called malcontents. Disciplinary committees will become a thing of the past because Farage can’t take the chance that some of those accused of ’bringing the party into disrepute’ may get off.

The NEC will vote in favour of the amendments on Monday. Only Del Young is expected to oppose the motion. In January, the membership will be asked to vote in favour of the changes. It is proposed that an article be put in the next issue of Independence informing members of why the changes are necessary. Farage and Nuttall will then start a campaign of spin and lies in order to persuade the membership that a number of members are out to wreck UKIP and must be removed. Dark hints of BNP infiltration will be used to fool the gullible. Phone calls will be made in a further effort to win over the doubters. The RO’s will be working overtime. Once the amendments are approved the mass expulsions will begin in February or March. Paul Nuttall, who a few still think of as a nice guy, approves of this move to total dictatorship. No wonder he is so keen to model his appearance on Benito Mussolini!

Farage and Nuttall’s hate list: David Abbott ,Geoffrey Collier, John West, Robin Page, Martin Harvey, Peter Cole, Gary Cartwright, Eric Edmond, Gerard Batten, Del Young, Bruce Lawson, Greg Beaman, Len Baynes, Ian Gilman, Victor Webb, T.N Warry, Piers Merchant, Alison West, Lynnda Robson, Roger Knapman, Trevor Coleman, Dave Hudson, Ron Hurrell & Martin Haslam.

Ladies and Gentleman, UKIP will shortly become a fully fledged dictatorship. However, they will not be allowed to get away with it. The counter- revolution has already begun.

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