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Monday, 8 December 2008

'Democracy' in UKIP: Eastern Region Committee members sign gagging order

Andrew Smith, MEP wannabe, proposed to his fellow members on the Eastern Region Committee that they sign a ‘gagging agreement’. From now on they will be expected to snub the branches and refuse to give them a report on the actions of this unelected and undemocratic body.

I can well understand their desire to hide their activities from the membership as this committee is unlawful.

The current committee should have been dissolved earlier this year. A new committee should then have been elected to oversee the MEP selection process. This was not done as the old committee refused to stand down. As you would expect the leadership did nothing to rectify this because it suited their purpose.

The old committee and the leadership could not take the chance that a new committee would allow the likes of Robin Page onto the MEP list. To do so would have seriously damaged David Bannerman’s chances of becoming the lead candidate.

Also, it is highly unlikely that George Curtis would have been re-elected chairman as he is seen as old, out of touch, lacking in judgement and too ready to follow the Farage line. This last thing the leadership wanted was a fresh face with new ideas.

I should add that only one member of the regional committee has refused to sign the gagging order. David Bannerman, Stuart Agnew and Mike McGough all readily agreed to deny UKIP members the right to know what’s being done in THEIR name.

And these are the very people who prattle on about freedom of speech and the undemocratic nature of the EU. What hypocrites!

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