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Sunday, 28 December 2008

More tales from UKIP's NEC: The nodding donkeys finally show some backbone

December’s NEC meeting proved rather eventful in more ways than one. Nigel Farage actually proposed to the NEC that UKIP distance itself from the withdrawalist argument. As you can imagine events then became rather heated. Gerard Batten was particularly incensed with this suggestion and said that “if we’re not a withdrawalist party then we’re nothing”.

In a desperate attempt to save Nigel from humiliation Derek Clark tried to pour oil on troubled waters by suggesting that the public were bored by the use of the word ‘withdrawalist’. After failing to convince anyone he went rather quiet.

It was then proposed by that a vote be taken to confirm UKIP’s commitment to leave the EU. Even Farage could see he had gone too far and did not vote against the motion. He was left feeling rather foolish and red faced. It now seems that the some of the nodding donkeys on the NEC are slowly waking up to the fact that Nigel is not all that he seems.

If anyone doubts my word on these events please ask the NEC why they suddenly felt the need to pass a formal vote confirming UKIP’s commitment to leaving the EU.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nigel Farage is now an EU reformist. His only concern is re-election to the Gravy Train. Dump him now before it’s too late!

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