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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Why Paul Nuttall is playing for time

The recent Newmarket meetings organised by concerned Eastern Region UKIP activists have caused a few headaches for Farage and Paul Nuttall, his little sidekick (pictured left). After all, how can you ignore the chairmen of 20 constituencies without being accused of arrogance and indifference to the concerns of the membership? Nuttall has been trying to give the Newmarket attendees the impression that he will meet them in the New Year to discuss their concerns about the MEP selection process. However, he is simply playing for time. He has absolutely no intention of dealing with their complaints. He is too much in the pocket of Farage to even consider going against the wishes of his lord and master. He is NEVER going to put the interests of the Newmarket attendees before his desire to jump on the EU Gravy Train.

By January the voting forms for the proposed changes to the constitution will have been posted to members. Farage and Nuttall are confident that they will win the vote as they will be OVERSEEING the election. By the time the Newmarket attendees have a date set for their meeting most of them will have been thrown out. The screws are already being tightened. Marion Mason, a former staunch supporter of the Newmarket Declaration and an MEP candidate, now wants nothing to do with them after being ‘advised’ by the leadership to ‘either support us or be thrown out’. Needless to say she backed down.

There is only one way to deal with Farage and his cabal. They must be removed. Fortunately, the wheels are already in motion. The introduction of a fascist style disciplinary system will be opposed. The counter-revolution has already begun!

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