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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fascism in UKIP: December 1st 2008, a day that will live in infamy

On December 1st the last flicker of liberty in UKIP was snuffed out by Farage, Nuttall and their nodding donkeys on the NEC.

The proposed changes to UKIP’s constitution were passed. Del Young acted as the conscience of the party and voted no. The proposed changes will give Farage and Nuttall the power to remove anyone who dares to question them. Disciplinary committees will become a thing of the past. UKIP will become a fully fledged fascist style party where the Farage’s word is law.

Farage needs two-thirds of the membership vote in favour of the changes. Even he is not prepared to change that particular rule just yet! An article about the changes will appear in the next issue of Independence. All members will be asked to vote in favour of the changes “as there are various infiltrators who are out to undermine UKIP and destroy our electoral chances. We must remove these troublemakers before they can do anymore damage to the party.”

Members need to be aware that the leadership intends to oversee the ‘elections’. Farage is 100% that he will win. Does he know something that we don’t?

Once his victory is announced the mass expulsions will begin.

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