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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Trevor Colman and Gawain Towler

As you can imagine Nigel Farage was not in the best of moods when Trevor Colman was elected the lead UKIP MEP candidate in the South West. The last thing Farage needs is an independently minded MEP in his party. He likes ‘his’ MEPs compliant and willing to follow his every whim. Much to Nigel’s fury Trevor Colman prefers to follow his conscience and the wishes of the members.

Gawain Towler was also not very pleased. He fully expected to become lead candidate.

Nigel has never been very popular with members in the SW. For instance, they backed Roger Knapman’s decision to leave the Ind-Dem Group. They also snubbed Gawain Towler, Farage’s preferred candidate, in favour of Trevor Colman.

On several occasions Farage has tried, with the help of Gawain Towler and Malcolm Wood, to establish an alternate power base in the West. Every single attempt has failed. However, both Gawain and Nigel have not yet admitted defeat.

Recently, Gawain accused Trevor of making racist remarks at a Brussels reception. Mr Towler insists that he was contacted by a journalist who wished to complain about Trevor’s behaviour. Apparently, the journalist in question had overheard Trevor make ‘racist’ comments about immigrants in Birmingham.

Mr Towler naturally hopes that such accusations of racism will result in Trevor being forced to stand down. Gawain can then move up a place. Unfortunately, for Gawain, this plan has backfired very badly. Trevor has declined to be intimidated and has requested that Gawain supply him with the name of the journalist and the exact nature of the complaint. For some strange reason Mr Towler has now gone very quiet.

Poor old Gawain. Perhaps he should rejoin the Tories before it’s too late!

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