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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Jeffrey Titford MEP: Why did his former office manager receive a threatening letter?

Ken Bennett, who used to work for Jeffrey Titford, received the following letter:

2nd July 2008

Dear Eagle

Digging around in the past is very dangerous, especially when you do it in the cowardly way that you have, hiding behind a pseudonym. I would remind that you were the man who was principally in charge of Titford’s finances.

If all the reasons for your departure were to come out, your own reputation would suffer considerably, so my advice is to stop digging a hole into which you will ultimately fall yourself. Let the past be the past.


Who felt the need to intimidate Mr Bennett? What were they afraid of? The author of the letter seems fairly well acquainted with the Chelmsford office. Some would say intimately so.

Would Mr Gulleford and Mr Titford ( pictured above) like to comment on the letter and provide samples of their handwriting? After all, they have both said that they have nothing to hide.

Please note that the original letter was featured on Greg Lance-Watkins blog:

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