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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Peter Cole, Chairman of UKIP Fenland, speaks out

On the 8th December UKIP’s very own ‘Bloggers 4 UKIP’ site featured the following story:

“AT least one corner of Doddington is sparkling with Christmas lights thanks to the Fenland branch of UKIP.When members found out the village would not be having lights this year it decided to do something about it. The branch paid for the purchase and installation of lights all over the Three Tuns public house and gardens. On Friday there were celebrations for the big switch-on.

Len Baynes of UKIP explained that for a number of years the pub has been the unofficial headquarters for UKIP in the Fens.

He said: "We felt that all the support we get from Brian and Jenny Adams and the clientele at the pub deserves some recognition. A fully qualified electrician has been on hand to oversee the installation and it was great to see so many people at the switch-on”.

End of article.

Conveniently 'Bloggers 4 UKIP' failed to mention the fact that UKIP Fenland had received absolutely no help, encouragement or support from the Party or the Regional Organiser. Indeed, they are totally ignored by Farage and his clique.

Peter Cole, Chairman of UKIP Fenland, has said on the British Democracy Forum (30/12/8) that “Fenland Branch gets NO help from either HQ or the regional committee or from Peter Reeve the regional organiser; they are too busy promoting themselves”.

End of quote.

Farage’s total contempt for the membership will prove his undoing. Many branches are already refusing to campaign in the Euros because they now realise that the leadership is only interested in them when they want their money or their activists to campaign to get Farage and his friends elected to the EU Gravy Train.

UKIP faces electoral disaster in 2009 unless Farage’s and his cabal are removed. Their inept leadership, incompetence and dishonesty have all but destroyed UKIP.

UKIP’s future leaders must always put patriotism before self-interest and greed. We need decent and men and women who believe in democracy and freedom of speech. Unless this is done UKIP will implode.


wonkotsane said...

Bloggers4UKIP isn't UKIP's anything, the site is not authorised, endorsed, controlled or influenced by the party or its leadership.

Not mentioning the problems UKIP Fenland has with its regional committee or the national party wasn't for convenience it was on account of not knowing and it not being mentioned in the newspaper that contained the story. You are quite welcome to put your comments on Bloggers4UKIP and then people can read the original post and see your comments in context.

Junius said...

Farage now has a stranglehold on UKIP. Elected members of the NEC are removed or denied their seat. Others face expulsion for committing the crime of criticising the leader or his cabal. Democratic elections are ignored if the candidate’s face doesn’t fit. Farage now wants to change the constitution so that he can expel anyone who disagrees with him. Want me to go on?

Are you really happy to support a man who is turning UKIP into a fascist style party where freedom of speech is suppressed and democracy is just a memory?

Bloggers 4 UKIP would be closed down in an instant if it started to criticise Farage and his corrupt cabal.

wonkotsane said...

I take it you're referring to the last few expulsions from the NEC. I had a phone call from an NEC member as it happened - I couldn't blog it at the time of course because it was in confidence. I got a first hand account of what was happening when it was happening and the background story. They weren't expelled for disloyalty, they were expelled for their actions on that night and for disrupting the NEC to the extent that no decisions could be made.

UKIP can't close Bloggers4UKIP down because, as I've said, they have no involvement or control over it. It's an entirely independent website that UKIP had no involvement in setting up and no involvement in running. They have no more control over Bloggers4UKIP as they have over your blog.

Junius said...

So you believe the lies of Farage & Nuttall and endorse their corruption?

Shame on you!