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Monday, 8 December 2008

Don't Post on Democracy Forum says aide to Nigel Farage

At a recent meeting in the South East members were told by David Samuel not to post on the British Democracy Forum as “it exists solely to attack UKIP”. Perhaps someone should tell Bob Feal-Martinez and Mike McGough ( pictured above) before it’s too late!

At the same meeting Nigel Farage warned that “candidates who behaved badly would be removed from the lists”. Has anyone informed Gerard Batten and Ralph Atkinson?

The ‘real’ reason behind John Whittaker’s decision to resign as party chairman was also revealed to a less than interested audience. Poor John threw in the towel because “over the last few months certain elements in the party had made life difficult for him”. Apparently, he will need a year to get over the trouble they caused. My heart bleeds for him!

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