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Friday, 5 December 2008

The very Common Man & the very Common Woman

Some of you will know that a blog entitled ‘All About UKIP’ appeared on the internet at the end of October. Unfortunately no one noticed and so one of Farage’s ‘useful idiots’ was told to advertise it on the British Democracy Forum. Still no one took the bait! In desperation another puppet was told to advertise the link. Success at last! But who is behind this blog?

Clive Page? Out of favour with the leadership. No.

Gawain Towler? Too busy spinning against Trevor Colman. Can’t find the time. No.

Jonathon Arnott? Too dim. No.

Paul Nuttall? Worried about the risks if Abbott takes legal action. No.

I can reveal that my sources in Brussels are now firmly pointing the finger at three individuals - known rather unkindly in some UKIPPER circles as ‘The Three Stooges’. Moe was behind the idea. He is now a rather sad, lonely figure who, like Hitler in 1945, is busy moving phantom UKIPPER troops on his UKIPPER map in a desperate hope that he can somehow survive the next six months.

Curly no longer works for UKIP in an official capacity. Curly was forced to leave the warmth of Moe’s embrace earlier this year. Curly runs the blog on behalf of Moe. Curly has a lot of experience with that sort of thing. After all, there is a lot more to life than just posting on your own blog.

Larry is the runt of the litter. Larry likes recording Curly’s conversations on his phone. He writes the comments with the help of Curly. Moe has final approval.

The blog will be used to smear all those who oppose the leader. So far Trevor Colman, Greg Beaman, Eric Edmond, David Abbott, John West and Martin Harvey have been targeted. In the next few weeks expect more of the same.

Still think Farage and Co are fit to run this party?

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