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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Even more goodies from the UKIP Shop!

UKIP's internationally famous internet shop is now pleased to announce a whole new range of goodies for Christmas. Lucky members are now able to buy Nigel Farage ‘Romper Stomper’ suits, Annabelle Fuller fright masks (pictured above), a Mark Croucher soap phone on a string, Jonathan ‘Nice but Dim’ Arnott glove puppets, Clive Page’s Guide to the Benefits System, Mike McGough’s ‘Bluffers Guide to Becoming an MEP candidate’, replicas of David Bannerman’s now infamous desk complete with ‘Sir Henry Woz Ere’ scratched onto the leg, Andrew Smith ‘On How to Bankrupt UKIP, Godfrey Bloom's ‘Guide to Sexual Equality’, Gawain Towler plastic stick on ears ( made in India) and Paul Nuttall ‘Help, I’m a Chairman, call the Police!’ t-shirts.

Rumours that David Bannerman is planning to release cover versions of ABBA’s ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ and ‘Dancing Queen’ are entirely without foundation.

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