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Monday, 29 December 2008

Nigel Farage & Declan Ganley: The 'beast' of friends

You should all take Nigel Farage's hostile reaction to Declan Ganley ( pictured above) with a large pinch of salt. He is simply acting like anyone who has been soundly rejected. You need to remember that a few weeks ago he couldn’t praise Declan enough.

Nigel was rather eager to win the support of Mr Ganley as he knew that any party launched by him was bound to take votes away from UKIP and thus lessen Nigel‘s chances of getting re-elected to the EU Gravy Train.

During the summer Nigel was keen to woo Declan and so met him to discuss terms and conditions. Unfortunately, Nigel’s dictatorial tendencies soon kicked in and he demanded that he personally been given total control of any UK campaign financed by Mr Ganley. It was hardly surprising that Declan said no. The talks quickly broke down.

Thanks to Nigel’s ‘fuehrer complex' UKIP lost the best chance to win a major financial backer and thus prevent certain electoral defeat.

Thanks Nigel. With a clown like you 'leading' UKIP who needs an opposition!

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