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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another damning article on UKIP

Taken from the Telegraph. To view the original see: LINK

Ukip set to struggle after 2004 poll success

Five years ago the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) was a political force to be reckoned with but it is now rife with in-fighting and struggling to replicate its past successes.

By Simon Johnson
05 May 2009

Ukip gained 12 MEPs in the last European elections and a 16 per cent share of the vote, making it Britain's third largest party in Brussels.

But most political pundits think that was a high watermark and they have already lost three MEPs since their 2004 victory.

Within days of the election, it was revealed that Ukip MEP Ashley Mote was being investigated for benefit fraud. He was suspended from the party and was imprisoned for nine months.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former television presenter, made a bid to become party leader. He failed and was pushed out to lead a split-off party, called Veritas.

A third MEP, Tom Wise, was suspended after being investigated by EU anti-fraud watchdogs.

The knives are out for party leader, Nigel Farage, who has increased the party's national profile but has been accused of using it as his personal fiefdom.

The former One Man and His Dog presenter, Robin Page, announced his resignation from the party in March, claiming his former colleagues were "in the process of imploding".

Mr Farage has given himself little wriggle room by promising to resign if Ukip returns less than 10 MEPs next month.

"Quite clearly, if we do badly, then I've tried my hardest, and that's that. It will be time for someone else to do it," he told the blogger, Iain Dale.

End of article.

Another damning piece on UKIP. And who said all publicity is good publicity!

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