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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why Godfrey Bloom is not fit to represent the people of Great Britain

I have never been impressed with Godfrey Bloom. The man is a drunk and a fool.

His inane comments about women, prostitution and his admission that he used to visit brothels in Hong Kong prove that he is a liability that UKIP would be better off dumping at the earliest opportunity.

He is frequently drunk and has even been filmed in Brussels making a speech while under the influence. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCICF7GKPFw

He was even arrested by Brussels Police. He farcically pleaded diplomatic immunity after telling the Police that he was a UKIP MEP! Fortunately for Bloom and his black 'companion' the Police later released them without charge and the matter never became public - until now!

He is employing Annabelle Fuller - who was sacked after placing John West’s MEP interview on You Tube - although he has been clever enough to make sure that she is paid via a third party. This is despite assurances from John Whittaker and others that she no-longer has anything to do with UKIP.

And let us not forget his 'fact finding trip' to India with Gawain Towler and a female member of his office staff. You know what I mean Godfrey!

But worst of all he was involved in a drunken fight with a certain Mr Koenig who is a journalist for the Independent. The paper in question is currently sitting on the story. I fully expect it to appear before June 4th.

The incident took place in O’Farrell’s bar in Brussels. During one of Bloom’s now frequent drinking sessions he suddenly took a dislike to Mr Koenig and attacked him.

He was egged on by an equally drunken Farage who kept chanting “He’s BNP Godfrey, he’s BNP Godfrey”.

Fortunately, Bloom was pulled off the journalist before any lasting damage could be done.

My readers may also interested to know that in September 2004 Bloom threatened to smash a class in Richard Corbett’s face after a row erupted in a Strasburg bar - Richard Corbett is currently the Labour MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside.

Is Bloom really the sort of MEP candidate you want representing the people of Yorkshire and Humberside?

Is Farage really the sort of MEP candidate you want representing the people of the South East?

Both men are a disgrace to the Euro-realist cause. Their drunken antics and childish behaviour clearly prove that they are not fit to represent the people of Great Britain.


EU Election Blog said...

Fascinating. The following line intrigued us:

"Fortunately, Bloom was pulled off the journalist before any lasting damage could be done".

Damage to the journo, Bloom, UKIP or all three?

How much longer can UKIP get away with conning Eurosceptics?

Junius said...

The journalist emerged a little worse for wear.

Bloom & Farage were too drunk to care.

The damage to UKIP is irreversible!

Greg L-W. said...


astonishing how often Godders seems to need to be pulled off people!

In just the few paragraphs Junius has posted, it seems he first had to be pulled off a black girl with whom he was 'having sex' in the street - I understand on the bonnet of a car and for which he paid!

He was tossed in the cells for this and because he was a EUkip MEP pleaded diplomatic imunity!!!

I presume he went for a ride in Ferrarri later that night, always assuming neither Farage nor Towler were using it at the time.

I wonder if they have thought of Medical Immunity - I'm sure that would be of more interest to their assorted wives!

Then we find he is being pulled off a reporter from The Independent.

He does seem to be pulled off an awfull lot and by different people! Seemingly frequently drunk.

Not really the sort of chap I would want representing me but I don't know much about the values and morality of the peoples of Yorkshire - but for sure he represents no values, morality or behaviour patern that represents me.

Greg L-W.

mark said...

Bloom is not and never was, to my knowledge, an economist - he was for some time a local, Yorkshire manager for the National Farmers Mutual and was employed for 3 years in the early 90's by a fund management company. He was employed there as a salesman - he never managed money or funds for that matter.

Mark said...

I am afraid that UKIP and Bloom are both frauds and fools. I knew Godfrey 20 years ago when he was an ex sales manager from National Farmers Mutual and then became a salesman for the fund management arm of a major City investmnt firm. He variosuly claimms to be an economist and a fund manager - I am afraid that neither could be further from the truth.