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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gregg Beaman on Nuttall and McManus

Gregg Beaman resigned from UKIP in disgust after Farage and the odious Nuttall colluded to remove him as UKIP's democratically elected lead MEP candidate in the North West. See: LINK

Here are his views on Nuttall and McManus. Both of these dishonest individuals hope to get elected to the EU Gravy Train in June:

There comes a time when enough is enough. I came home today to find the UKIP EU election leaflet behind the door. In these days of sleaze and excess by politicians it was as bad as they come. It stated:


Their lead candidate was a Tory until after the 2004 Euro elections, then he saw a chance. He has been a student for many years, only putting his PhD studies on hold to become a UKIP/Independence and Democracy Group researcher in the European Parliament. His 'work' as a lecturer was part of his PhD studies. Hardly a brickie or a postie.

Has he done any other work? Not that I know of, and I have known him since he joined UKIP in 2004.

No 2 candidate Michael McManus is described in the UKIP leaflet as "a former charity fundraiser". Well Michael, you certainly worked as a researcher for the Directory of Social Change in Liverpool briefly after your studies, but how much money did you raise? And who for? As far as I'm aware the DoSC doesn't raise any funds.

I understood Michael worked as a "researcher" for the Directory of Social Change in Liverpool. Before, guess what? Yes, he became a researcher for the UKIP/Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament. Hardly a brickie or a postie.

But then again, MEPs are worthless costly parasites. Politicos go from school to university, to Westminster/Brussels gravy train. They are all sponging parasites-unless they are UKIP.

Then that's different!

To view the original see: LINK

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