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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Junius visits Chichester

I can now reveal that I decided to secretly attend the UK Renewal meeting in Chichester.

As I could not take the risk of being recognised I donned my trusty disguise and jumped into my ‘Junius Air Mobile’ for the two hour trip to historic Chichester.

For company I took a few of my personal guard and my dog -we call her Annabelle.

Upon arriving in the town I did a bit of sightseeing - please see photos - before popping along to hear Petrina and her colleagues speak.

The meeting was most informative.

Here is GLW’s excellent report on the event:

The meeting in Chichester yesterday would seem to have gone very well with delegates from the South West Region, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern Region and the South West noted.

The earlier announcement that Bruce Lawson and Peter Cole would seem to have been rather poor draw cards and the fact that they had been declared persona non grata on trying to run and manage UKFirstParty in the same duplicitous manner that they would seem to have learned in their years in EUkip.

The announcement that Lawson & Cole had been banned from attending seems not to have reached several people I spoke to earlier today, who would have been there had they known and been able.

One advantage of the general consensus at the meeting, as a result of it only been those seeking liberty from The EU and no childish displays of self importance or jockeying for a position in line for the trough!

Swine flu? No I don't think so - more like a porcine greed & fever from 'absent *******'.

The members of this attractive south coast region were pleased to hear the ideas and suggestions of Craig Chapman, from Birmingham, of The Popular Alliance, who spoke most interestingly.

Chris Elliot, the number 2 candidate from The West Midlands Region for UKFirstParty was able to introduce himself and explain their reasoning for the importance of having a decent, honest candidate standing who is opposed to EU membership when EUkip in his region particularly they have been obscenely betrayed by EUkip and particularly the dishonest and duplicitous Derek Clark.

1. Petrina largely found herself as Chairman as Martin Haslam had felt it inappropriate to chair the meeting - let us face it that could have left him in the embarrassing position of chucking Peter Cole &/or Bruce Lawson out had they tried to 'gate crash'.

2. The now rather spent status as the EX Chairman of EUkip, having to some extent try to defend the indefensible!

3. The third hat was as a Council member of CIB, where she could inform people of what they are trying to achieve.

4. As the lead candidate in the South East standing for UKFirstParty Petrina Holdsworth was able to clear up a number of the misconceptions about UKFirstParty and present a view of their suggestions for the way forward.

One great advantage of having such a meeting, based upon a consensus of like minded people it is so much easier to manage a lively and very informative exchange of views.

There was no doubt from the questions that people reflected the general consensus of the British peoples that it is not just a general contempt for politicians and their corruption but a deep seated determination for change liberated from the centralised, undemocratic EU.

The clearest example of the utter hypocrisy of the politicians was obviously Nigel Farage's personal destruction of the moral authority of EUkip's leadership with a culture of greed and hypocrisy sheltered by duplicity and bullying. Many heard Farage on the media earlier in the day banging on the cheap shot of attacking MPs for abuse of their expenses without any joined up thinking!

It was interesting that Farage conveniently overlooked his own promises to publish his expenses and income - a promise he made when seeking election with Michael Holmes and ever since.

We await these published accounts detailing how he has squandered the money and has with others would seem to have trousered well in excess of £1,000,000 in little over 5 years - over and above the money MEPs are able to steal as outlined in the media articles showing they can EXPECT to make a personal profit saved of £1M during a single electoral term!

A measure of the extent of the corruption beyond the obvious is the utterly dishonest handling of other people's money as shown by Jeffrey Titford who although he has for some years employed Chris Hudson as his personal representative, amongst other functions - salaried from tax payers money which Titford was able to access through his election for EUkip.

It may interest you to know that it would seem that Titford's incompetence and disregard for duty and tax payer's money verges on the criminal. Titford has forgotten to give Chris Hudson any work for many months yet has been happy to permit his payment from the public purse!

Finally, seemingly in disgust, it would seem Chris Hudson tendered his resignation - Titford was too idle and indifferent to even acknowledge the resignation nor did he have the basic manners to thank him for the sterling work he had done!

I gather Chris Hudson has taken up a salaried position with Declan Ganley's Tory Light Libertas the pro EU new party for Ganley's ego. Good luck Chris and I hope your new job will suit you and will last beyond the election - though I regret I can not say the same for Declan Ganley's ego trip, the politics of which are so very dishonest or those in Libertas are very stupid!

Let us hope for a great deal more cross party co-operation in the future until we are free from the EU - I do not however believe there is any place for the lack of morality and ethics displayed by Bruce Lawson & Peter Cole - such behaviour as theirs is sooooo very EU that UKFirstParty will be immensely better off when they have the integrity to leave with good grace or are forced out after the elections, when they can join with Farage who has promised to resign when EUkip get 10 or less MEPs.

The meeting in Chichester ran on longer than expected as it was proving so constructive.Well done Ruth Shoebridge in booking this meeting as UK Reform on a cross party basis.

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