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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Nigel Farage admits to claiming £2 million in expenses

Nigel Farage has finally admitted that he has claimed £2 million in expenses as an MEP

And how do we know this?

Because it was revealed live on today's edition of the 'Daily Politics Show' by Denis Mcshane!

Mcshane revealed that Farage had boasted to him of receiving this vast amount of money at a function both attended yesterday at the Foreign Press Association.

This revelation will undoubtedly wreck any chance of UKIP gaining support in the wake of the MP expenses scandal.

UKIP is just as bad as Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems. Don’t waste your vote on them!


Bob Feal-martinez said...

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage tackles Labour's Dennis McShane over misrepresenting a remark he made in a speech this week. Here he writes...

Much has been made of something I said in a speech at the Foreign Press Association. That over the past ten years the cost of my being an MEP was probably £2 million.

Dennis McShane has now repeated this as if this was £2 million in expenses that I had received. This simply isn't the point.

Let's have a look at this £2 million, which is £200,000 a year over a decade. I know this sounds a lot but it includes salaries for staff in the regional office and in Brussels, the running of a large regional office, my travel, not just to Strasbourg and Brussels, but to all parts of the UK in my role as leader. Believe me it doesn't leave very much.

However, let's look at the costs of Dennis McShane as an MP over the past decade.

Here's some numbers from the House of Commons:
Pension & Salary

* 2000-01 34,437
* 2001-02 36,793
* 2002-03 39,467
* 2003-04 46,916
* 2004-05 48,024
* 2005-06 48,576
* 2006-07 50,720
* 2007-08 52,245


* 2000-01 56,547
* 2001-02 79,974
* 2002-03 85,455
* 2003-04 82,837
* 2004-05 89,191
* 2005-06 98,562
* 2006-07 101,082
* 2007-08 102,800

There are 646 MPs and if we look just at expenses then the average MP will have claimed, in a decade (at current rates) nearly £1.6 million.

EU Election Blog said...

Is today the day the wheels started coming off the UKIP campaign?

What a spectacular and totally unnecessary owen goal! I'm talking about the UKIP postmaser's comments.

Greg L-W. said...


Good to see the BFM back and his post makes so much more sense when he is cutting and pasting someone elses material.

However the article he posted has already been comprehensively debunked:




for example.

It is also worth noting that Ms. Andreasen has also been exposed, besides her rather sad performance (well done to her for struggling by as an alien on Question Time though, quite difficult when you are clearly very challenged by both the format and the language).

You will of course find the FACTS regarding this discreditted long ex EU accountant (NO not Chief Accountant - that is a dishonest misrepresentation based on taking advantage of poor transalation from French 'chef').

Do start to read up on the facts at:

I do hope this helps for those who, like The BFM have been missing for a while.

You will also find there is a great deal more factually supported information if you visit:

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W. said...

EU Election Blog said...
Is today the day the wheels started coming off the UKIP campaign?I do not believe it is so much that the wheels have started to come off EUkip - as they are merely a bubble of no visible merit which has been inflated by the foetid gasses of the behaviour of the professional politicians in the 2.1/2 main parties.

The danger of a fundamentally corrupt group being small enough that people have not noted their venality and dishonesty, deriving a huge gain from the folly of the others is that bubbles can be burst by the smallest of pricks.

Do note that to date EUkip have not been applauded ANYWHERE of gravitas for their achievements in 15 years - it is only at election time they receive side swipe praise as a less odious alternative than the BNP.

Their only achievements to date have been in emmulation of The EU - they, like the EU have no clarity of accounts, they have a discreditted ex EU accountant as treasurer (Read the Judgement of her last/lost apeal!), they have grown like the EU without vision, aim or taking the electorate with them just like the EU and they have manifest EU style greed, arrogance and hubris - refusing even to account their staff to their members whilst stuffing their pockets, just like the EU.

Even the parasites have much in common!

EU Election Blog said...
What a spectacular and totally unnecessary owen goal! I'm talking about the UKIP postmaser's comments.So would an Owen Goal as you so quaintly put it be a freudian slip on the part of a Newcastle supporter?

With regard to the fascist outburst from their spin doctors to which you allude - staggeringly crass but all a part of the bubble and the small prick syndrome, see an alternative view of the facts at:

In brief EUkip basicly has no wheels to come off and it will not be long, whether they have ) or 30 MEPs elected by default before they are seen to be on the skids once more.

One only has to look at the callibre not only of their candidates and staff but of many of their supporters to know they represent little that is of merit in their bubble.

A monkey in silk is a monkey no less.

Greg L-W.