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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mike Nattrass makes a fool of himself ..... again

I found the following email exchange between John West and Mike Nattrass most interesting.

These emails concerned John West’s statement on his recent expulsion from UKIP. See: LINK

Unbelievably Nattrass claims that he has “ contributed financially to UKIP more than I have received as an MEP.”

MEPs can earn a million over a five year period. So is Nattrass claiming to have donated a million pounds to UKIP?

I look forward to seeing the evidence!

Nattrass is a fool who deserves to be thrown out on June 4th.

To see the original emails please see GLW’s blog: LINK

Subject: Fw: RE: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP

Date: Apr 2009


In the West Midlands all applicants for the list were put on the ballot paper. Not one was turned down. This was because we had no excess numbers applying for our voting list and they were all good people, that applies to some other Regions also.

I have contributed financially to UKIP more than I have received as an MEP.

The sweeping statements in your letter fail because they are not true and the above are just two examples.

I was sorry to see that you were not selected and I enjoyed the first meeting you organised (could not make the second due to a hole in my leg!)

Based on the fact that I can see how very wrong you are over a number of these issues I must conclude that you must be wrong about the issues of which I have no knowledge.

The spin you give about Derek Clark, and those who are accused of things by people who set out to damage the party, is of no interest to me. They are innocent until proven guilty and that kind of attack is constant. From where I stand I cannot see what the UKIP MEPs have done wrong. The unusual way certain UKIP attackers view the EU rules will cause scratched heads within OLAF. You failed to say if Geoffrey had been cleared by the police. If they did clear him why would they refer this to OLAF?

If you could be more factual about Miss Fuller and less Sunday Sport, I may stand a chance of understanding your point. However I do believe that she wrongly exposed your video. Was it however a good video or did it prove whatever point she was making? I did not see it. It appears to me that you would have done the same thing yourself, based on the vitriol in your email.

As for UKIP being part of the EU establishment, the reverse is true and we are hated by them, so again how can you make a case? Suggestion ... Try sticking to the proven facts. I am one of those who was surprised that you were not selected but I am sorry to say that I can see now that I was wrong.

Subject: Fw: RE: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP

Date: May 2009


Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Dealing with the various litigations and the police & OLAF enquiries related to UKIP takes up far too much time. As you will know I am campaigning for UK First, a party founded on the principles on which UKIP was originally founded until it was betrayed by Nigel Farage and various others.

Your email reminds me of the old saying ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see’.

1. Annabelle Fuller. I am glad to see that you believe that she was the one who put the video on You Tube. You will appreciate that I do not believe that she did it without first obtaining permission from Farage. The same can be said of her farcical appearances in the Mail and Independent.

Whether or not the video was ‘a good video’ is irrelevant. As you know it was a TRAINING video and was the first time I had ever been on video (and a fat lot of training I received!). It was placed on You Tube without my permission and in clear breach of the Data Protection Act with a deliberate intent to defame me.

That you can accuse me of being prepared to stoop to her level shows the standards by which you live your life and how little you know me.

2. Derek Clark is under investigation for alleged fraud. It is not ‘spin’ as you have dishonestly claimed. It is a fact. OLAF officials have already visited Britain and interviewed several people in connection with this and the investigation data is well known.

Derek Clark is contemptible, look how he lied and colluded with Douglas Denny and Gerard Batten in the Kangaroo Court to remove Peter Baker who he then replaced with his puppet placeman.

Under these circumstances do you really think it is appropriate for him to remain as an MEP candidate, even without his betrayal of Britain over subsidiarity and aiding the EU to better control countries such as the UK! Nor considering his advanced years?

The NEC denied Tom Wise the right to seek re-selection as an MEP candidate because of the OLAF investigation into his alleged misuse of EU funds. So why has Clark not also faced de-selection? Double standards?

4. Jeffrey Titford’s police file has been passed to OLAF at their request. His former office manager has also given them evidence concerning alleged misuse of EU funds. Titford has permitted a total misrepresentation of the facts to be made public.

That I can be thrown out of UKIP for doing my duty as a British citizen and reporting an alleged crime to the Police tells me all I need to know about UKIP’s views on justice and its standards of integrity.

5. You claim to ‘have contributed financially to UKIP more than you have received as an MEP.’

We are well aware from the media that an MEP can easily amass a clear £1 Million during just one term, over and above his expenses. So can you provide proof that you have donated a similar amount to UKIP?

I believe you are deliberately and wittingly deceiving when you make this claim.

It is widely reported that at the NEC meeting you were witnessed stating in defence of Tom Wise ‘don’t be f****** ridiculous, what do you want us to do about him – how do you think we all make our money’.

Perhaps you can advise EXACTLY where the donation of in excess of £1M is recorded and on what UKIP spent it.

6. And why did you sign a document supporting Nigel Farage’s changes to UKIP’s constitution? Are you really happy with giving Nuttall the power to throw people out of UKIP on a whim?

Are you happy that policy is frequently dictated by ‘The Political Committee’ and as Farage’s un-elected puppet chairman Nuttall has stated and confirmed at a UKIP meeting in Essex the Political Committee IS Farage and keeps no minutes!!!

7. I note that you are happy with UKIP's MEP selection process. Are you not even slightly uneasy that UKIP’s very own Returning Officer’s OFFICIAL Report said it was unsound and untrustworthy and should be rerun, implying that UKIP is not to be trusted to run their own affairs honestly?

And what about the fact that a member of your office staff became MEP candidate in the East Midlands without having to face the MEP selection panel, in direct breach of the rules as laid down by the party?

That dishonesty has become a norm in the party does not mitigate in any dishonest act nor grant license.

Please don’t deny this as it has been confirmed to me by one of UKIP’s MEP candidates in that region.

In five years UKIP MEPs have done nothing of any consequence. Where were you during the campaign against the Lisbon Treaty? Dressing up as a chicken?

Why did Derek Clark sign a document on behalf of UKIP pledging support for subsidiarity, reform of CAP and promising to work with the EU committees to improve their control over the vassal states?

At least Roger Knapman had the integrity to condemn Clark over this. You remained silent.

Mike, your public willingness to support Farage and the rest of his clique speaks volumes for your integrity and morality.

Your achievements have been all but invisible and seemingly the vast majority have been matters of self interest – I believe you should hang your head in shame at your incompetence, self indulgence and lack of achievement – NOT ONE ACHIEVEMENT has been noticed by the public at large and you and your cronies have disgraced the Euro-Sceptic movement.

As an estate agent you have clearly lived down to the lowest standards of public belief and to think you can with impunity and without shame scrabble to get your snout back in the trough for another useless term.

Yours sincerely

John West

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