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Friday, 29 May 2009

The knives are out for Nigel Farage

The election may not yet be over but there are already moves to oust Farage.

In Brussels there have been complaints about Farage’s £2 million expenses bill and his refusal to publish a full list of his expenses.

At least two UKIP MEPs have said that Farage should go regardless of how many MEPs they get in June.

Bannerman has already started canvassing support for a post-June leadership bid and hopes that election to the EU Parliament will increase his support in the Party.

When Bannerman came over to UKIP he insisted that he be lead MEP candidate in a region of his choice. He also insisted that he be considered for the leadership. Although he failed in his first attempt to become leader he still regards the job as his by right. He sees winning a seat in Brussels as vital if he is to achieve this ambition.

The odious Paul Nuttall - Farage’s chosen successor - also intends to run for the leadership and hopes that his position as Party Chairman will win him the support of ordinary members.

That’s why Farage was so keen to give him the job.

He also regards becoming an MEP as vital if he is to stand any chance of beating Bannerman.

Farage has never forgiven Bannerman for challenging him for the leadership. He also regards Bannerman as a wet who ‘will never set the world alight’.

Some foolishly regard Nuttall as the man who will clean out UKIP’s Augean stables. The fact that Nuttall is as dishonest and corrupt as his master seems to have escaped their attention. Rather than clean out the stables he is far more likely to foul it even more!

Trevor Colman is also seen as a potential successor to Farage by many of those disillusioned by Farage and his sycophants. Many regard him as the man who would be able to clean up UKIP and persuade thousands of disillusioned ex- members to return to the fold.

Amusingly, Bannerman’s supporters are already beginning to spin against Nuttall. They claim that he is inexperienced and lacks Bannerman’s statesmanship!

Perhaps they can give us a few examples of Bannerman’s statesmanship? I must say I have never noticed him display ANY statesmanlike qualities! He is not even a good liar!

Nuttall’s supporters are saying that their candidate is ‘a man of the people’ who will win for UKIP the support of the working classes!

Yeah right!

The knives are being sharpened. It looks like it is going to be a very dirty leadership campaign!

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