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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Sun on UKIP corruption

Nigel Farage's hope that UKIP would benefit from the Westminster expenses scandal has suffered a major blow after the Sun published a damning article on corruption in UKIP.

This article will undoubtedly cost UKIP thousands of votes when their readers realise that UKIP is no different from Labour, the Tories or Lib Dems when it comes to jumping on the Gravy Train

Champions League final may shun them — because it could cost them their places on the Brussels gravy train.

MEPs have been warned by party leaders Gordon Brown and David Cameron that they have to publicly declare match tickets as part of the war on sleaze.

Now they must decide whether to attend the clash between Manchester United and Barcelona and risk voters’ claims of freeloading.

A source said: “The last thing they want is TV viewers spotting them in an executive box days before European elections.”

The UK Independence Party was warned yesterday it faced a backlash for failing to follow the Tories and Labour by giving expenses details.

UKIP, led by Nigel Farage, has been plagued by fraud and corruption scandals since winning 12 Euro seats in 2004.

A senior insider said: “The EU is deemed to be a gravy train. I believe that a lot of our MEPs have forgotten that.”

Mr Farage admitted he could not prove how he had spent his own expenses and allowances.

And the party refused to release details of how its MEPs had spent taxpayers’ money when The Sun challenged it as part of our campaign against Euro fiddling.

UKIP’s popularity soared after it claimed their goal was to save Britain from fraud and corruption in Brussels.

But of the dozen MEPs elected in 2004, one was sent to prison for housing fraud and another is being prosecuted for money laundering.

Four of the 12 now no longer take the whip amid disillusionment.

High profile chiefs Roger Knapman and TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk have also quit the party.

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