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Monday, 11 May 2009

Simon Muir - ex-Chairman of UKIP Bristol - speaks out

I'm fond of Chris Booker's pieces in the Telegraph, really I am, but his piece about the EU's books clearly has been got at by the Telegraph's 'Tories at any cost' team. Despite today's shadow cabinet expenses revelations, it's clear that the Telegraph will brook no dissonance - the Tories, however unfit to govern, must replace Labour at the election.

In that context, UKIP in the Euro-elections are part of The Plan: useful idiots that serve to draw off the 'skep vote, to shut them down and/or divert their energies.

The idea, transparently simple,, is to turn the spotlight away from the duplicity and split personality that is the Tory party, so that it can fight the election with some pretence of unity, the presence (or absence) of Oliver Letwin notwithstanding.

But UKIP appears to be every bit as split and corrupt as the Tory party! The Tories haven't had MEPs arrested recently on fraud charges, nor do they have the shambles of legitimately elected party members kicked off the NEC, apparently at the behest of the leadership.

I must make it clear: I despise the EU and all its works, but that does NOT mean I am heedless about who gets my vote in the EU elections. Somebody will be elected, no matter what. They will have good media access, and salary and expenses from the public-purse - OUR money, not the EUs!

Thanks to the evils of the party list system, I can't control who that is, but I can look at the lists and make up my own mind which is the least worst. And UKIP, sadly must now go right to the bottom of the pile, below the communist Green party and the other-communist 'Respek' lot.

Why, because they simply cannot be trusted. For the record, so that these things do NOT go unremarked, here are my comments about UKIP, which so far remain missing from the Telegraph's web site:

"Before being first elected as an MEP, Nigel Farage, along with his fellow aspirants of the time, promised to publish his accounts as an MEP, supposedly to avoid just the type of expenses scandal that the Westminster lot have brought about.

"As far as I am aware he has never, ever done this. He and his cohort make a packet out of being MEPs and appear to love every minute of it, so much so that UKIP's message subtly changed when he became party leader, from the simple idea that the UK should leave the EU, to some pie-in-the-sky nonsense about UKIP's MEPs fighting for 'reform' of it, as if such a crazy idea was remotely possible.

"So now, if you live in East Anglia and you are daft enough to vote UKIP, instead of the doughty fighter Robin Page as an MEP (to understand exactly why read his blog), you'll be getting a Danish-Argentinian who lives with her children in Barcelona!"

Farage wants you to vote UKIP primarily so he'll keep his EU salary (including the uplift for leading a euro-party bloc in the EP) and his euro-expenses, probably massive, as the EP is even more corrupt than Westminster.

"I'd love to vote for an honest, genuinely non-racist eurosceptic party, but it seems there isn't one out there any more."

And that's largely down to Farage."

Still think that UKIP is worth a single vote on June 4th? For further information see: LINK


Andrew said...

"I'd love to vote for an honest, genuinely non-racist eurosceptic party, but it seems there isn't one out there any more."

But there is one - the Libertarian Party of the UK (lpuk.org) - which is doing as UKIP originally did under Alan Sked and not standing for the European Parliament, but is standing in local and Westminster elections. Go on Simon, join us!

Greg L-W. said...


IF you haven'y got an honest, genuinely non-racist eurosceptic party standing on YOUR ticket:

Seriously consider acting responsibly and not wasting your vote on a Politician.

Write on your ballot paper in every election until we leave - it is a trend which will grow:

Greg L-W.