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Friday, 22 May 2009

Another UKIP election disaster!

Salford B.C. (Irwell Riverside) - 21st May

Lab 606 37.6%

Lib Dem 293 18.2%

BNP 276 17.1%

Con 189 11.7%

Greens 125 7.8%

UKIP 123 7.6%

Turnout 17.5%

And yet UKIP is claiming a massive increase in support since the MP's expenses scandal hit the headlines!

Perhaps the recent revelation that Farage, as an MEP, has claimed £2 million in expenses has taken the shine off his recently acquired halo!


EU Election Blog said...

In September 2005 UKIP got 9% in a by-election in Salford's Barton ward.

Greg L-W. said...


how right you are.

EUkip has seen much better days.

That they may get more MEPs than they could reasonably have expected based on their achievements - which led most intelligent commentators to expect they would have 3-5 elected.

Now the number has risen but through no effort or ability of the trash put forward as candidates or the achievements of the party since Farage seized control and commenced dumbing it down and dragging it back into history as an authoritarian centrally controlled extreme right wing party.

ANY increase of MEPs above those expected 3-5 is a matter of the damage done to the main parties, in the largely irresponsible reporting of the handling of Westminster Allowances.

It is sad that the corrupted EUkip may well be the greatest beneficiaries of the folly of sensationalist reporting of Westminster Allowances which are a fraction of the amount of money an MEP steals in any moral terms.

12 EUkip MEPs have achieved the square root of rock all - 24 or 36 would merely achieve 2 or 3 times Nothing - just howmany inflatable toys and chicken suits give any indication of gravitas!

A monkey in silk is a monkey no less as we have seen with Tom Wise, Nigel Farage, Mick Nattrass, Derek Clark, John Wittaker etc. BUT what did they achieve beyond bad publicity and the destruction of UKIP in EUroSceptic terms.

Greg L-W.