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Monday, 29 March 2010

UKIP: Stuart Wheeler abandons UKIP to form new party

On March 3rd we mentioned that Stuart Wheeler was becoming increasingly unhappy with Farage and UKIP. See: LINK

He has now abandoned Farage and UKIP to form his own party. See: Trust Party & LINK

The total lack of financial transparency within UKIP was of great concern to him. He was not prepared to continue funding a party that was unable and unwilling to provide even a basic audit of accounts.

Over the last decade millions of pounds have literally 'vanished' from UKIP's accounts.

And the only man who can tell us where the money went is not telling!

1. Farage Allowances - unpublished.

2. UKIP MEP Allowances - unpublished.

3. Farage Expenses - unpublished.

4. Farage's SE Regional Accounts - £211,000 unaccounted 'other costs' - unpublished.

5. Ashford - £1m expenses - unpublished.

6. Signs up for a second secret EU pension.

7. Employed his wife despite pledging not to do so.

And what about 'Farage Ltd' and Nigel's off-shore 'Trust fund' in the Isle of Man? Where did he get the money to fund those? See: LINK & LINK

We also understand that Nikki Sinclaire's disgraceful treatment at the hands of Farage, Nuttall and the NEC also influenced Wheeler's decision to abandon UKIP.

All UKIPPERS should remember that it was Farage's dishonesty and arrogance that led to Wheeler's alienation.

And forget the spin from Farage's sycophants. To lose your only major donor just five weeks before the General Election is nothing short of a disaster.

And what must UKIP's MEPs be thinking? Farage knew that Wheeler was going to pull the plug on funding. But did he tell them? The answer is NO. They only found out at the weekend!

Stuart is standing for the Trust Party in Bexhill and Battle. What will the official UKIP candidate in Bexhill have say to that?

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