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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

UKIP: More on David Bannerman

David entertains UKIPPERS at the UKIP Conference with a soft shoe shuffle

David is still persisting in repeating the lie that he is the great, great nephew of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Liberal Prime Minister between 1905 and 1908.

Even the newspapers continue to repeat the lie: LINK

Here are the facts:

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman had no children. Bannerman is not his great, great nephew.

On Bannerman’s Bombay birth certificate his first names are David Campbell and his surname is Bannerman. He used to be known as David Bannerman. When he stood in Scotland (1997) it suddenly became David Campbell-Bannerman (with a hyphen). See: LINK

When he stood in 2001 for the Tories in Warrington and Leamington he reverted to David Bannerman


The fable about being the great, great nephew of the dead prime minister wasn't used again until he joined UKIP.

Independence, Issue 63, Dec. 2005

A New Chairman

As some of you may have heard, UKIP has a new party chairman who will take office in January. David Campbell-Bannerman, a great nephew of former Liberal Prime Minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman. David is a senior PR consultant who is looking forward to taking up this new challenge. David contested North Cornwall for UKIP at the general election earlier this year. The January issue of Independence will feature more on David, but for now I am sure you will join me in wishing him all the best.

David Bannerman’s Wickipedia entry has been re-written to remove any mention of him being a great nephew. How strange!

This Tory failure and serial liar only came over to UKIP after being promised the chance to become a lead MEP candidate in a ‘safe' region.

The words 'lying scum’ do rather spring to mind when one thinks of Mr Bannerman.

David was recruited as an extra in the Oscar-winning film ‘Chariots of Fire’. He often bores people by telling them that he can be seen staring at Eric Liddell’s bum during a crowd scene.

Claims to have been a key player in the Northern Ireland ‘peace process’. Rather strange that none of the real key players can remember him.

He was heavily involved in the rigging of the MEP selection process. He made it known that he would continue to employ Peter Reeve as his RO if elected to Brussels.

Peter Reeve later sat on the panel that allowed David Bannerman to become an MEP candidate. Peter Reeve is still the RO for the Eastern Region. We will let you draw your own conclusions from that!

Bannerman is currently under investigation by OLAF after it was revealed that he was illegally paying Peter Reeve out of his MEP allowances. See: LINK

Has been known to visit certain clubs in Strasbourg. Still refuses to come clean about his own ‘William Hague’ factor!


Richard T said...

I think you've got the reason for Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's name slightly askew. He may well have been named Henry Bannerman Campbell but he added the hyphenated Bannerman to his name to inherit an uncle's estate. He was reluctant to do so but doubtless, money did a little more than whisper. I think Bannerman was his mother's family name and as is normal in Scotland, it was part of his given names when registered.

It doesn't in any way weaken your point that the present Mr Campbell-Bannerman has mis appropriated Sir Henry's name - unless he has a better explanation.

Junius said...

David Bannerman has said:

"I have explained on numerous occasions that C-B had no children, but that my link to him is through the Bannerman side"

and also

"Technically the link is actually great great great nephew".

If the first of these statements is true, the second must be untrue. The Liberal Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was born Henry Campbell. His mother was a Janet Bannerman, whose brother left Sir Henry a fortune on condition that he adopted the Bannerman name. Therefore if David Bannerman's link to Sir Henry is through the Bannerman side, he cannot be Sir Henry's nephew or any other kind of descendant. The closeset he can be is a Bannerman first cousin several generations removed.

Even that is in doubt when you consider the possible reason for the uncle foisting his name on his sister Janet's son, Henry Campbell, the most likely being that he had no male heir of his own to carry on the Bannerman family name. That would make David Bannerman's relationship to Sir Henry (if one exists at all) even more distant, at closest a Bannerman second cousin several times removed.

Regarding Bannerman, the above suggests that his surname is really Bannerman and that Campbell is a Christian name which he now uses as if it were part of his surname. Whilst this does not rule out a distant relationship to Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, it doesn't prove one either.