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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

UKIP: Junius says Vote Nigel Farage!

Nigel Farage: Pan-European, spiv and liar.

Junius says Vote Farage but only if you want UKIP to fail!

Farage’s website is up and running: LINK

The usual spin, the usual lies, the usual promises. He made exactly the same pledges in his earlier 2006 leadership website and conspicuously failed to carry them out. So what has changed? See: LINK

We note that quite a few naive teenagers are backing him. The folly of youth! Someone should remind them that it was Nigel Farage who displayed complete indifference to the repeated attempts to set up the precursor of Young Independence. And look what he did to Del Young when the now former UKIPPER actually had the guts and vision to break the impasse and form YI. He soon got the push and was replaced by Lisa Duffy!

And isn’t it sad that Farage is desperate to present himself as Mr Youth? So how is your health, Mr Farage? Are the terrible back pains and sleepless nights taking their toll?

In the new website Farage promises to immediately abdicate from any form of management role. So what exactly is the point of electing him leader?

He promises big donors if elected. So will Farage block potential big donors if not elected?

And the shallowness of his thinking is most illuminating. He seems to think that leadership is just about appearing on the TV or in the newspapers. Will someone please remind him that he has been doing that for over 10 years and yet we are still no nearer to leaving the EU?

His website is shameless spin. Electoral failure is presented as success and public indifference to UKIP is presented as the exact opposite! And what about Farage's commitment to turn UKIP into a pan-European party? You won't find any mention of that!

Farage is a past master when it comes to lying and making false promises.

Don’t forget that in July 1999, Meridian TV’s Phil Hornby put a question to Nigel Farage, and received in response an unequivocal answer. An answer that has now come back to haunt him.

Hornby: "Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?"

Farage: "You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get - the excess that we are forced to take - particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native."

He lied. Eleven years on and still no trust fund and no full audit of his accounts.

And don’t forget that a unanimous resolution passed at the NEC meeting of 17 November 1999 stated: "The NEC re-affirms its control over MEPs expenses and allowances, in accordance with the pledge signed prior to the Euro-election. Substantial allowances are being deposited within MEPs accounts which must come under NEC control for the benefit of the Party. Messrs Stone King, Solicitors, have been approached with a view to setting up the 'Trust Fund' promised to the electorate. The NEC wishes to take matters forward to counteract negative statements in the Press but is reluctant to incur legal expenditure without a guarantee of compliance by the MEPs".

Minutes of the meeting were circulated to branch chairmen and candidates on 24 November 1999 with a covering letter that included: "Enclosed is a copy of the agreement signed by all Euro election candidates prior to June 10th. This is a matter of a serious nature which must be resolved. The Party is not receiving the benefit in the way that was promised to Party members and to the public who voted for us".

The Trust fund was quietly forgotten.

Farage has said that he found it hard to lead UKIP and the EFD group. This is why he resigned. So what has changed?

He recommended Pearson as being “head and shoulders above the rest” of the candidates. Pearson’s short career as UKIP leader proved disastrous. After a few months he resigned. He admitted that he was “no good” at the job. What does that tell you about Farage’s judgment?

Farage has repeatedly said that he has spinal and other health problems. In a recent interview with the Kent News he said:

"Two or three of my vertebrae are damaged and will probably never be the same.”

Do you want to elect an invalid as UKIP leader? See: LINK

Farage also said:

"I've learned that you can't really be a leader and a manager at the same time, so I would being in a chief executive and a team of professionals to run things while I focused on the media and publicity side."

In other words:

'Vote me into office and I'll quit immediately and give the job to some mates'.

'Vote me in and trust me to appoint someone else to lead, because I can't'.

And don’t forget:

His failure to appoint competent media staff.

His failure to account for £211,000 that ‘vanished’ from the South East’s accounts

He lied to the media and the membership about firing Tom Wise.

His failure to account for 85% of the money raised through the Ashford call centre.

His involvement in the rigging of UKIP’s MEP selection process.

His failure to address outright fraud by Bannerman, Reeve and Agnew.

His failure to address money laundering by Agnew, himself and Pearson.

He endorsed the selection of Marta Andreasen as a UKIP MEP.

He promised not to employ family members. He later employed his wife.

His total failure to show ANY vision or leadership ability.

His total failure to implement a proper party structure or organisation.

His failure to account the €6,000 a year travel budget for each UKIP MEP.

His failure to conduct honest and transparent internal elections.

Do you really want this crook and liar as your future UKIP leader? A man who wants UKIP to become part of a pan-European party? A man who is happy to sit with fascists in the EFD?

Here is Farage's list of supporters. You will note that some of the most corrupt UKIPPERS are backing him.

The Farage List of Shame

Proposer: Lord Pearson of Rannoch, London
Paul Nuttall MEP, Bootle
Stuart Agnew MEP, Norfolk and Broadland
Derek Clarke MEP, Daventry
William, Earl of Dartmouth MEP, Central Devon
Godfrey Bloom MEP, Haltenprice and Howden
Dr John Whittaker, North Lancs (Former MEP)
Gregg Knopp, Medway (South East Chairman)
Stephanie McWilliam, SE Cornwall, NEC
Jill Seymour, Telford & Wrekin, NEC
Michael Heaver, Norwich South, Young Independence Chairman
David, Lord Willoughby de Broke, Stratford-on-Avon, UKIP House of Lords
Frank Carson, Blackpool South
Margaret Titford, Lewes
Bruce Robertson, North Cornwall
Jamie, Earl of Wemyss, Tewkesbury
Richard, Earl of Bradford, Stafford
David Lott, Overseas
Christopher Gill, Ludlow, NEC and President of The Freedom Association
Graham Booth, Torbay, Former SW MEP
Winston McKenzie, London
Peter Street, East Lancs
George Curtis, Clacton, Harwich and North Essex, Branch Chairman
Geoff Mager, Camborne & Redruth
John Kelly, East Devon, Branch Chairman
Rod Trelease, Bournemouth West
Abhijit Pandya, London, 2010 Candidate Harrow East
Michael Zuckerman, London, Party Secretary
Mick McGough, Redbridge & Waltham Forest, NEC
David Rowlands, Montgomeryshire
Gordon Parkin, Teeside, Branch Chairman
Charlotte Bull, Darlington, Branch Chairman
Sonia Reilly, Northern Ireland
Phil Griffiths, Wirral, North West Chairman
Paul Henke, Fife, Chairman UKIP Scotland
Peter Adams, Fife, Gen Sec UKIP Scotland
Martin Bridewell, Horsham, South East Treasurer
Idris Francis, Meon Valley
John Moran, Kingston, Branch Chairman
Tim Bowling, South East
Yvonne Larg, Reigate
David Bendall, Cotswolds, Branch Chairman
Neil Hamilton, Devizes, Former MP
Dave Grylls, Newton Abbott
Elizabeth Burton, North Devon, NEC
Toby Horton, Richmond, ex-Aide to William Hague MP
Peter Lucas, Bournemouth East
Chris Pain, Boston & Skegness, No. 2 on European Election list, East Midlands
Andrew McArthur, Edinburgh South West
David Kelly, Liverpool,Wavertree
Matt Davies, Woking
Josef Laspina, Overseas Malta branch
Glen Wilson, Stourbridge
Tim Bowling, Mole Valley & Epsom
Avril King, Poole
Nigel Coghill-Marshall, County Durham, Branch Chairman
Derek Evans, North Notts, Branch Chairman
Alan Freeman, Wigan, Branch Chairman
Virginia Whinyates, Montgomeryshire
Mark Stroud, Surrey Heath, Branch Chairman
Peter Wyatt, Totness, Branch Chairman
Frances Howard, Salisbury, Branch Chairman
Stuart Parr, Telford
John Wilkinson, Rotherham
Martin Valance, Richmond
John Ryan, Devizes
Phillip Glover, Christchurch
Mick Mahon, Cornwall,
Steve Rush, East Lancs
Alan Stone, Cheltenham, Branch Chairman
Michael Hookhem, Hull
Robert Brown, NW Cambs, Branch Chairman
Cllr Ian Smith, W Suffolk
John Stocker, Hitchen & Harpenden
Jill Cronk, N Devon
Denis Cronk, N Devon
Chris Pratt
John Stocker, St Albans
Nick Smith, Lincoln
Stuart Gulleford, Brentwood & Ongar, Branch Chairman
Adrian Haynes, Wellingborough & Kettering, Branch Chairman
Don Ransome, Regional Organiser
Irena Marriott
Andy Smith, London
Judith Chisholme Benli, Redbridge & Waltham Forest
Victor Chisholme, Redbridge & Waltham Forest
Geoffrey Clark, Gravesham, Branch Chairman
M Wickett, Hartlepool
D Wickett, Hartlepool
Alex Elaw, Blackpool
Mike Lane, Liverpool
Karl Jones, Liverpool
Michael Kandy, Liverpool
Paul Livings, Liverpool
Rob Ager, Liverpool
Barbara Greeley, Liverpool
T Bodcock, Liverpool
P Creeley, Liverpool
M Bodcock, Liverpool
Neil Miney, Liverpool
Eric Kirby, Liverpool
Bobby Anwar, Blackburn
Eric Pollitt, Blackpool
Colin Denby, Chorley
David Duxbury, S Ribble
Fred McGlade, N Lancs
Graham Pound, Blackburn
Hayley Reed, Blackburn
Jeanette Dilton, S Ribble
Jeff Mallison, Chorley
Joe Relton, Garstang
Martin Bleeker, Blackpool
Nick Hogan, Chorley
Nigel Cecil, Chorley
Patricia Freeman, Wigan
Ron Loasell, East Lancs
Roy Hopwood, Blackpool, Branch Chairman
Joan Worrall, N Lancs
Kathy Lott, Overseas
Daniel Arnott, Fife
Annabelle Murray, Caithness
T Linney, New Forest West
Noel Baptiste, New Forest West
Mike Beggs, New Forest West
Joy Foulston, Mole Valley
M Foulston, Mole Valley, Branch Chairman
Brian Elliott, East Worthing & Shoreham, Branch Chairman
Jeffrey Elenor, Thanet North
Rosamund Parker, Thanet South
Sarah Larkins, Thanet South
Chris Adams, Aylesbury, Deputy Regional Organiser
M Baker, Esher & Walton
Marie Balcerski, Surrey Heath
Jo Bateman, Surrey Heath
Michael Bedford, Esher & Walton
David Black, Newbury, County Organiser, Berkshire
Claire Bridewell, Horsham
John Brown, Cherwell
David Capon, Spelthorne
Robert Doughty, Witham
Maureen Elenor, Thanet North
Howard Farmer, Canterbury
Ray Finch
Mike Fitzgerald
Steve Harris, Havant, South East Regional Organiser
Beryl Humphrey, Eastleigh
Buck Humphrey, Eastleigh
Alan Latham,
Hugh McGuinness, Eastleigh, Branch Chairman
Pauline Miller, Surrey Heath
Janet Penn, Worthing West
Mick Penn, Worthing West
Jocelyn Penn-Bull, Winchester, Branch Chairman
Paul Perrin, Sussex
David Phipps, Witney, ex-Branch Chairman
JD Riley, Kingston
Bernard Smith, Chichester, Branch Chairman
Robert Snare, Aldershot, Branch Chairman
Christian Stevens, Reigate
Sam Sutton, County Organiser, Hants
John Wallace, Arundel & South Downs, County Organiser West Sussex
Carol Ward, Kingston
Michael Watson, Kingston
Molly Bennett, Eastleigh
Maurice Bennett, Eastleigh
Gwyn Thomas, Wells, Branch Chairman
Jeanette Bettleley, Weston Super Mare, Branch Secretary
Pam Booth, Torbay
Mike Hobson
Gary Booth, Torbay
Stanley Booton
Peter Bowman, Cheltenham
Jim Carver, Forest of Dean
Richard Edwards, Central Devon
Florence Glover, Christchurch
Julie Harrison, Torbay
Lesley Kelly, East Devon
Jenny Knight, Bath
John Shepherd, Torbay
Jenny Wood, Salisbury
Robert Gotts, North Devon
Marcia Gotts, North Devon
Jack Bullard, North Devon
E M Bullard, North Devon
B Smith, North Devon
R Berrell, North Devon
O M Berrell, North Devon
Martyn Richards
Mark Langford, Telford
Jean Groves, Telford
B Seymour, Telford
Glenys Gray, Telford
Raymond Knight, Telford
Jonathon Carr, North Shropshire
George Flynn
Jule Flynn
Emma Brader, Yorkshire
Jane Collins, Yorkshire
Henry Hudson, Grimsby
Sam Lander
R Elliott, Salford
B Howarth, Salford
Alf Haggert, Rochdale
Steve Sutton, Bolton
A Williams
Duran O'Dwyer, Tameside
A McManus, Tameside
Steve Evans, Bury North
Mike Lane, Liverpool
Karl Jones, Liverpool
Michael Knut, Liverpool
Barbara Green, Liverpool
T Dodcock, Liverpool
P Greeley, Liverpool
M Dodcock, Liverpool
Amul Pandya, London
C Maddison, Glasgow West
Ian Walsh, Torbay
Jenny Walsh, Torbay
Wayne Harling, Sheffield, Young Independence
Chris Cassidy, Sale East, Branch Chairman
Danielle Brannoni, Sheffield
Michael Cruddus, Mid & South Derbyshire, Branch Chairman
Andrew Reed, Overseas
Graham Bailey, East Surrey
Deirdre Hicks, Reigate
Cynthia Jaume, Reigate
J Large, Reigate
Tim Pearson, Reigate
Annabelle Fuller, London
Michael Fuller, Spelthorne
Marylyn Fuller, Spelthorne
Nigel Brown
John Tennant, Newcastle
Michael Jose
Nicola Weatherill
Laure Ferrari, Overseas
Malcolm Wood, Salisbury
Linda Hudson, Houghton & Washington East, Branch Chairman
Richard Longhurst, Kingston and Surbiton
Julie Graham, Mid Dorset & North Poole
Jacob Campbell, Gosport
Arnold Foster, Wigan
Gary Watson, Teesside
Sean Howlett, Stevenage
Phil Howell, Walsall
Donald Munro, York Central
John Wilkinson, Rotherham
Keith Savage
Mark Ward, South Staffordshire
Mr S Holroyd, Bradford East
David Cammegh, Ashford
Judith Morris, York, Branch Chairman
Andrew Smith, Epping Forest, Branch Chairman
Tim Veal, Yorkshire and Humberside
Stephen Engledow, West Suffolk
Stuart Parr, Telford & Wrekin
Mark Hudson, Sevenoaks
Oliver Foster, UKIP Leeds
Charlie Maggs, Bristol North West
Martin Bleeker, Blackpool South
Oliver Neville, Guildford
Paul Vodden, Barnsley East
Torquil Dick-Erikson, Overseas (Rome)
Michael, Romsey and Southampton North
Philip Leyton, Bexley
Mazhar Manzoor, Guildford
Guy Kempson-Dixon, Runnymede
Michael Bedford, Esher & Walton
Michael Watson, Kingston And Surbiton
Henry Hudson, Northern Lincolnshire
Shirley Jacobs, Spelthorne
Angela Lawrence, SE Cambs
Mick Lawrence, SE Cambs


John Page said...

Wow, is that half the active membership now?

Junius said...

At least!