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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nikki Sinclaire on More Money for Politicians

From Nikki Sinclaire's blog:

More Money for Politicians - No Questions Asked

Yesterday evening (Monday December 13th), the European Parliament's Bureau had on its agenda an increase in the allowances of MEPs. The issue was listed on the agenda as a "decision without discussion". It was simply waved through without any debate.

MEPs have been awarded a 2.3% increase in all allowances except for those relating to direct travel costs.

British MEP Nikki Sinclaire is appalled -
"In an economic crisis, when tens of thousands of public sector workers are losing their jobs, and families are suffering, it is unnacceptable that well paid politicians can simply wave through increases in their already generous tax-free allowances without any discussion at all", she said. "I personally feel that it would be appropriate to freeze these payments at the very least. This is just another example of the greed and arrogance of the EU political elite".

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Greg_L-W. said...


had the idiots not so badly managed the economy so over regulated commerce and so interferred with every aspect of life and so undeniably displayed their incompetence based on greed, arrogance and hubris the EUro, in which they are paid, would have a greater purchasing power and not be diminished in value and of absolutely no meaningful worth as a currency save one long scam and the fear of the day when it does collapse - WHICH IT WILL.

Had they not created a centralised corrupt behemoth and removed patriotic self respect currencies might have risen rather than putting up the incomes in numerical terms to still buy less.

The EU experiment has failed on every single count of note and the EUro more visibly than much else.

Britain WILL be Better-Off-Out when we Leave-The-EU.

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