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Monday, 6 December 2010

UKIP: Farage's biggest fascist pal

Don't forget that Nigel Farage, the odious Paul Nuttall, Trevor Colman, Gerard Batten, David Bannerman, Stuart Agnew, Derek Clark, Godfrey Bloom, John Bufton, Marta Andreasen & William Dartmouth are more than happy to sit with fascists in the EFD.

Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass voted with their feet and left the EFD. They both cited the racism of certain EFD MEPs as one of the reasons for leaving the group.

UKIP's EFD: Hitler would be proud of them all!

One of Nigel's biggest pals in the EFD is one Mario Borghezio.

Borghezio has multiple convictions for racially motivated violence, including an attack on a 12 year old child in 1991. In April 2000, during a regional election campaign, Lega Nord members chanted Borghezio's controversial "Prayer of the Gypsy", with its reference to the gassing of "nomads". He has also been filmed more recently explaining to a group of young fascists the need to infiltrate "mainstream" political organisations.

Borghezio has been linked with the neo-Nazi terrorist group "New Order". However, in a recent interview with Italian journalist Claudio Sabelli Fioretti, Borghezio admitted to his involvement with the Belgian Nazi Jean Thiriart, the founder of Young Europe, a group that espoused a united Europe "from Vladivostok to Dublin", organised in accordance with National Socialist principles.

"Lo stavo in un movimento rivale di Ordine Nuovo. Si chiamava Giovane Europa. Il leader era Jean Thiriart" he stated. This translates as: "I was in a rival movement of New Order. It was called Young Europe. The leader was Jean Thiriart".

Thiriart, a Belgian Nazi, was imprisoned after WW2 for his wartime activities, which included hunting down and killing resistance workers in occupied Europe. Thiriart trained under SS Lt Col Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny, and maintained strong links with him after his release from prison.

In fact, Skorzeny has been revealed to have had partial control over Young Europe at the time when Borghezio was a member.

Skorzeny was involved initially in Operation Werwolf, the Nazi resistance movement, and then subsequently in neo-Nazi terrorist groups across Europe. Evidence has emerged showing that Young Europe operated a number of paramilitary training camps, and that it was on the instructions of Skorzeny in the 1960s that these camps were closed down.

Associates of Thiriart were involved in an attempted Nazi coup in Belgium in 1973, and papers obtained this summer from Belgian police have helped researchers to prove ongoing links between a number of activists.

Given Borghezio's open support for fascism, and his record of racially motivated violence - his last arrest was as recently as 2007 - it is no wonder that he has started to attract the interests of prominent anti-fascists across the EU.

So why not contact your UKIP MEP and ask them why they are MORE than happy to sit with such scum?

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Greg_L-W. said...


not only are UKIP MEPs advertising themselves as EFD MEPs using their UKIP funds from the 4000 account to do so - were they Independent they would actually be better off - they would be masters of their own money!

Further they would not be tarred with the same racist, violent, anti Jewish and sexually intollerant brush as they help to fund.

They would also have control of their 6000 account which seems to be being used to bribe members of the gutter sweepings of EU politics to collude corruptly with what were UKIP MEPs until they sold out!

Interestingly Godfrey Bloom is seeking to leave the EFD as are a number of other EFD members:

Does the EFD actually exist or is it just a transition scam?