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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

UKIP Treachery

Justin Adams
Justin Adams has been remanded in custody until the 30th of this month. This concerns the allegations that he threatened Farage and a crash investigator. See: LINK

UKIP treachery

Anyone who still thinks that UKIP's corrupt leaders are fighting to get Britain out of the EU should consider this act of treachery from October. It is worth repeating as some blinkered UKIPPERS still believe that Farage and his chumps are doing a good job!

Ukip MEPs have again disgraced themselves. This time - and not for the first time - they have demonstrated that the parliamentary party is no more than an indolent but well-paid establishment steam vent. For on Wednesday 20th October, Ukip MEPs committed yet another unbelievable act of treachery to their nation.

How much more of this will UKIP's members tolerate???

This latest scandal relates to the EU Parliament's position on the 2011 draft budget as modified by the Council (all sections 12699/2010 - C7-0202/2010/2001(BUD)).

Amendment 17 by Goram Farm MEP and colleagues, on behalf of the S&D Group, moved as follows (wording in quotation marks refers to the new text within the amendment):


Motion for resolution, para 4:

4 Considers that "following" the entry into force of the TFEU, which strengthens EU policies and creates new fields of competence - notably Common Foreign and Security Policy, competitiveness and innovation, "energy policy", space, tourism, the fight against climate change, "sport and youth", social policy, energy policy, justice and home affairs - "the European Union should be endowed with the necessary financial means to attain its objectives" and therefore requires both branches of the budgetary authority to be coherent and consistent as regards increased financial capacities.


Quite apart from expanding the wording of the motion, to embrace "energy policy, sport and youth", the motion includes these words:

"..the European Union should be endowed with the necessary financial means to attain its objectives...".

So here we have Ukip's MEPs voting to equip the EU with the financial means (at UK taxpayers' expense) to meet its objectives of 'ever closer union'.

For heaven's sake, even the damnable Tories voted against this amendment, as did Nikki Sinclaire, Morten Messerschmidt and several others from the EFD (to which Ukip are affiliated), along with Andrew Brons and Nick Griffin of the BNP. Even Bloom, voted against. Perhaps he was sober.

Here's the list of the traitorous Ukip MEPs who voted in favour:

Stuart Agnew, Marta Andreasen, Gerard Batten, John Bufton, Derek Clark, William Dartmouth, Nigel Farage and last but not least, the odious Paul Nuttall.

By committing this act of treachery these MEP's thereby joined with the Socialists, Greens, Liberals, hard Left and Federalist parties of Europarl.

David Bannerman, Trevor Colman and Mike Nattrass were absent, so avoided being tarnished with the stench of collective treachery!

Wait for Farage to claim that he, and his nodding donkeys could not bring themselves to vote in the same category as Nikki Sinclaire, Morten Messerschmidt and the two BNP MEPs. Or maybe the Massa will dream up an even more implausible excuse!!! Watch this space!

Note: confirmation of the above may be found at the EU Parliament website, where links will be found to Wednesday's voting and the results of the individual votes thereon.


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