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Friday, 3 December 2010

UKIP: And yet more dire election results

UKIP's Youth Wing applaud another fantastic election result.

Still think that UKIP is going somewhere?

From the Bournemouth Echo:

Poole People candidate Mark Howell has been elected in the Poole town ward, capturing the Conservative seat held by the late council leader, Brian Leverett.

Polling 463 votes he won by 25 votes over Conservative candidate Tony Reeves, with 438. Peter England took 213 votes for the Liberal Democrats, Jason Sanderson for Labour 201, Avril King UKIP 55 and William Kimmet BNP 32.

The official turnout for the Borough of Poole by-election, which was held on snowy Thursday, was 17.37 per cent. Conservatives retain overall control of the council with 22 councillors .

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Anonymous said...

No disrepect to the mature ladies in your photograph, (after all I am 55), but I do think that theirin lies your problem.


More young blood is needed in the party.

It never ceases to amaze me how lacking UKIP is in engaging the general public about Europe.

Especially the young.

It seems it takes only someone like Nikki Sincliar with the 'balls' and inititative to engage with the electorate and get them seriously thinking about Europe.

If you cannot effectively convice the young of the need to withdraw from the EU then UKIP will become eventually become obsolete.

Junius said...

Agreed! UKIP currently exists to serve the ego of one man - Nigel Farage!

The General said...

I fear you missed the irony Melanie.

Greg_L-W. said...


Nikki is actually the ONLY UKIP MEP doing the job she was elected to do by the people - net result those very p[eople flock to her aid.

I gather at her own expense and self funded she has raised about 30,000 signatures, all collated & cross refferenced with a larger 'e'Mailing list than UKIP currently has and a greater and more upto date mailing list.

The people want to help and she now has a fully liveried van/mobile office for both her constituency use and the Petition.

You will note by co-operation and TheMidnightGroup we are able to support both The Petition AND The Pledge. They are working TOGETHER as independent causes with a common aim.

Perhaps YOU would care to help Get-Britain-Back