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Sunday, 5 December 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire on the Euro

From Nikki's blog:

I can reveal that last week, whilst MEPs were in Strasbourg, a delegation from the European Commission paid a visit to London for hush-hush high level discussions with the British government concerning the perilous state of the Euro.

The same week, on Thursday, the heads of the Commission's Directorates were given orders not to discuss the Euro, or to speculate on its future, under any circumstances.

Just how bad is the economic crisis in the EU? Worse than the Commission would have us believe, it would appear. In the last hour it has been announced that three member states have had to apply for aid in order to deal with rising unemployment.

EU adjustment Fund aid worth more than €8.7 million for workers in Spain, Poland and the Netherlands was approved by Parliament's Budgets Committee this morning.

In total, 2,312 redundant workers (retail trade, car and construction sectors) in Spain, 779 former workers in the car and ship building industry in Poland and 613 ex-employees in the ICT sector in the Netherlands are set to receive support.

The Spanish authorities applied for aid to unemployed workers in three regions: Valencia (several firms in the construction and textile sector), Catalonia (the Lear company, producing electrical equipment for cars) and Aragón (several firms in the retail trade sector).

The two Polish applications concern the Wielkopolskie province (two firms in the car industry) and the H.Cegielski-Poznań company, the only Polish manufacturer of marine engines, plus its suppliers.

The Dutch application is for two ICT companies, Getronics and HP, in the region of Noord Holland.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like the EU is just becoming a 'world bank'. A money pit for countries in financial trouble or hard times to run to whenever they face a problem.

The banks aren't lending, so let's go to the EU instead they say.

How can this be helpful?

The mentality of Europeans has steadily been changing. Instead of accepting financial hardship, tightening the purse strings, etc, everyone just assumes that someone else, ie. the EU should bail them out of trouble.

Nobody seems to be willing to accept hard times like they did in previous generation. There is a sense of 'entitlement' which cannot be good for a country.

Bail outs,ll the time, and every time is the presumed course.

How very adolescent and how very immature.

Economies do not grow by people becoming 'dependent on others, rather by ingenuity, initiative and drive.

That's your money being doled out that's being used to bolster up others in European countries who refuse to accept hard times.

We in the West have become like spoiled children.

Time to grow up, accept hard times and improvise and not go running to the EU bank for money all the time.

Why are not the leadership of UKIP evangelizing this truth to the electorate and using it to increase membership and protest?

Greg_L-W. said...


you may find Clarke & Dawe of some help in understanding what is happening: