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Sunday, 12 December 2010

UKIP: Trevor Colman is a waste of space

We get REALLY sick when we hear Trevor Colman moaning about Farage's dishonesty. He moans about Nikki Sinclaire's treatment at the hands of Farage. He moans about racism in the EFD. Etc, etc, etc. So do something about it! Is 'gutless' really your middle name?

Make a stand and leave the EFD or shut up!

Was the image of a strong straight talking UKIPPER, as portrayed by Trevor, prior to his election to the EU parliament, merely an illusion?

It would seem so, given his near invisibility since being given a spoon to the EU gravy train! And as for that much acclaimed backbone - it’s been non existent.

Far from being an outspoken critic of Nigel for demanding that UKIP MEP's sit alongside some of the most reprehensible people in EU Politics, Trevor has shamefully acquiesced.

Nor has he uttered a word against the scurrilous treatment meted out to Nikki Sinclaire. Not for Trevor the principled actions of Mike Nattrass, he's far too comfortable within the EFD!

And as for tremulous Trevor becoming a rallying point against the Spiv’s plan to drag UKIP into a pan EU coalition, dream on people!

Sadly, the only thing Trevor is interested in nowadays, is Trevor. He's raking in the cash and looking down his nose at all you who gave him the chance, whilst his bank balance grows by the day!

What I don't understand though is why UKIP members in the SW still give him such an easy ride. He really doesn't deserve it!


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