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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

UKIP: Get Britain out of the EU

Please support the Daily Express' campaign to get Britain out the EU. Click here: LINK

We sincerely hope that The Express does not allow Farage to hijack the campaign. The last thing they need is that spiv using it to get even more publicity for himself! Farage is driven by ego and a desire to make lots of money out of the EU. His patriotism is a sham. When has he EVER donated large sums of money to the anti-EU cause? The answer is NEVER! He has done very well out of being an MEP. So why would he want to see that Gravy Train end?

Check out GLW's EUKIP blog for an interesting article on UKIP: LINK

And please click HERE for the Midnight Group.

Happy reading!

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Richard T said...

If you're relying on the Express's campaign then the anti-EU movement is in worse shape than I thought possible. The paper is now beyond a joke and indeed its 'petition' campaigns have been shown to be inaccurate to the point of fatuity.