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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Nikki Sinclaire Press Release on UKIP

Nikki agrees to set aside judgement in order to find common ground

Press Release

Re: Employment Tribunal Hearing Monday 28th February 2010 in Exeter

Nikki Sinclaire MEP v UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage MEP & Godfrey Bloom MEP

Upon consideration of the respondents' claims of administrative error in this matter, and the offer of 'round table discussion' for an overall settlement of her differences with the UK Independence Party on condition she agrees to setting aside the Judgment of the Employment Tribunal of 8th December which found in her favour, Nikki Sinclaire said:

"If a way forward can be reached regarding this unfortunate dispute with UKIP by me agreeing to set this matter aside than I am only too happy to oblige. I spent 16 years working for the growth and success of UKIP and obviously I still believe, and actively campaign, for its core platform - withdrawal from the European Union. This issue is far more important than individuals or personalities."

"This will put the matter back to stage one and if negotiations prove futile, I will robustly pursue my claim in the tribunal. I was pleased that Mr Boom MEP recently gave a written undertaking to the Presidsent of the European Parliament stating he would leave me alone."


Nikki Sinclaire MEP was given default judgement on Sexual Orientation Discrimination by Judge Harper on 8 December after UKIP and the co-respondents failed to file a defence.

To see the original: LINK

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


in view of Nigel Farage's irresponsible and self serving behaviour seeking to damage anyon who may wish to bring integrity to UKIP behaviour and clarity to its activities or in otherword turn UKIP into a professional Party rather than The Farage Fan Club is seemingly villified by his claque.

We note he has stated that the failure to create a Pan EU Party even racist, anti Jewish and intolerant of homosexuality etc. costs him personally a £1 million a year!

The EFD are the scum of EU politics yet we note Godfrey Bloom has set out as a member of European Alliance for Freedom:
led by a Marxist - out of one fire into another sewer?

However it does seem high on the agenda as AthenaPR employed and paid to keep Farage in control of the money as leader and now it seems being paid to ensure Farage gets his way with his own Pan EU Political Party to further his income and control.

Then we note that despite overtures by UKIP to get off the hook of yet another guilty verdict of guilty against his Party - he again made a fool of himself seeking to abuse Nikki Sinclaire on MumsNet at:

UKIP WAS so very important but sadly Farage is so VERY self serving and lacking in leadership skills or basic Officer Qualities!