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Friday, 25 February 2011

UKIP: Derek Clark is once again exposed as a liar.

It seems that Dippy Derek just gets more confused with every passing day!

Last September, Clark told the East Midlands Committee that he was NOT under investigation by OLAF (LINK). He even claimed that the investigation numbers circulated by GLW, Andrew Edwards and this blog were fakes. Sadly, certain very gullible UKIPPERS believed him.

On Monday, the East Midlands Committee was shown confirmation (a letter from OLAF) that Clark WAS under investigation. Clark was exposed as a liar.

Clark blustered and then claimed that he had NEVER denied a fraud investigation by OLAF!

Peter Baker – a UKIPPER from Rutland – was quick to point out Clark’s earlier denial.

Don Ransome – UKIP RO and convicted drunk driver – grabbed the OLAF letter and expressed surprise that he was not mentioned in it!

Don’t worry, Don. We can assure you that OLAF officials have been looking at the way Clark financed you. Are you starting to feel the heat?

We were amused to hear that Derek Clark has declined to pop across to Barnsley and help the UKIP candidate in her bid to get elected. Even Farage managed to drag himself away from Annabelle Fuller in order to help out!

Clark cited ill-health as the reason for his non-attendance. So do us all a favour and resign! UKIP would then have one less EU supporting traitor, liar and fool in Brussels to worry about.

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