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Monday, 28 February 2011

UKIP: Farage on Mumsnet

Poor Nigel! He really thought that his appearance on Mumsnet – an internet chat site - would be a triumph. It sadly proved otherwise!

Even getting UKIP supporters to join the site and post positive comments about the glorious Fuhrer proved a disaster. Real Mumsnet posters quickly noticed the sudden appearance of new pro-Farage supporters and were less than impressed. Farage was forced to apologise for the trolls:

"Yes, I am embarrassed by it. If they weren't members of Mumsnet before, they should have left well alone." See: LINK

But he convientantly forgot to mention the fact that certain UKIP officials had asked members to join the site and praise Farage in order to "give Mumsnet users a good impression of Nigel and our policies"

Here are a few comments for your enjoyment. All were taken from the Mumsnet website:

Eleison Tue 22-Feb-11 13:50:15

I don't really want to talk to somone who is prepared to play to Islamophobia in order to play up to the racism of the BNP voters he wants to win over.

scottishmummy Tue 22-Feb-11 13:58:30

forthright is that euphemism for offensive,odious? certainly i will participate, not hard to refute his odious views. am suprised you invited him though

SheikYerbouti Tue 22-Feb-11 14:00:11

I can see he will be a popular choice hmm

DirtyMartini Tue 22-Feb-11 14:18:08



Oh well, I suppose it's in the interests of giving all parties a fair hearing. But ew

FioFio Tue 22-Feb-11 14:26:08

Nigel, have you ever thought about borrowing Kilroy's sunbed?

scottishmummy Tue 22-Feb-11 15:14:24

Nigel,you regularly misrepresent statistics eg you said europe now makes 75% uk laws.this is untrue.do you use such tactics to incite indignation and create misplaced ire?

StewieGriffinsMom Tue 22-Feb-11 15:26:46

I believe a number of Mumsnetters are expressing their opinions on Farage and UKIP via silent protest.

MmeLindt Tue 22-Feb-11 15:27:06


The idea was not to engage, to show our distaste of Farage's policies. Like turning your back on him. Not sure if it will work though, since we seem to have some new posters.


TondelayoSchwarzkopf Tue 22-Feb-11 16:35:59

I didn't get my view that his party's policies are odious, offensive and Islamophobic from the Guardian and the BBC Jay. I got them from the election materials UKIP put through my door last May.

If he wants to be on here - and check out his website - the Mumsnet logo takes up half the front page - I agree that he should be allowed his voice. He won't be doing himself any favours imo.

I won't be putting any questions. I don't give a hoot about his policies and I think any pro-smoking, 'climate change' skeptic isn't worth wasting my energy on.

foxytocin Tue 22-Feb-11 16:40:28

won't be around to give this hot air balloon the attention he seeks.

FannyFifer Tue 22-Feb-11 18:27:39

UKIP, seriously!

Any member or candidates of UKIP in my area are all seriously unhinged, sure why not get the BNP on as well.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Tue 22-Feb-11 18:58:44

It's 3.1% of the votes. Fact fans. I think 3.1% is a gross under-estimation of the number of unhinged around us.

Look at this way, 97% people didn't vote for them.

Isn't being the UK's fourth biggest party, a bit like being the world's third biggest cola brand?

SheikYerbouti Tue 22-Feb-11 19:06:34

This is going almost as well as that goat woman's webchat, you know, the one married to that horrid little man Zac "shagger" Goldsmith

AitchTwoOh Tue 22-Feb-11 20:14:13

it's a bit of a cringe for Farage that he's obviously put the word out for his cronies to join MN and appear here.

this thread looked silly enough, but this is now the fifth or so completely new poster with an in-depth knowledge of UKIP policy... Nige, you need to learn how to play it cool.


whomovedmychocolate Tue 22-Feb-11 20:24:02

Oy Justine can I come on and hold a webchat on behalf of my bizarre cult as well. It must surely be my turn next no? grin

Question for Nigel Farage: what kind of biscuits do you like - I'm assuming not dark chocolate ones. hmm


MmeLindt Tue 22-Feb-11 21:19:01

This is ridiculous.

This thread should be locked to those who were registered before the webchat was announced.

Otherwise I fear that Nigel will answer the smarmy questions of his supporters and ignore those of the posters of MN.

GawainTowler Tue 22-Feb-11 23:19:28

Just as a comment to you all, and with a disclaimer that I work for UKIP. The reason why Farage asked to have the webchat is because you, the Mumsnet crowd are an important audience. Simple as that.

I can assure you that nobody has been asked to troll, people have been directed to the forum because it could be interesting. After all these fora have their reputation as being less than supine.

And if we in UKIP are serious, then we have to venture out of our own comfort zone. What do we expect from you? Well Farage doesn't expect soft soap, but common courtesy would be appreciated.

Other than that, hope you all enjoy the opportunity to ask him questions directly, or berate him with impunity.

MmeLindt Wed 23-Feb-11 10:07:31


Can you delete this thread and start a new one with only members allowed to post if they have been on MN for at least a month?

This is ridiculous. And it is doing Nigel Farage no favours either.

QueenOfFlippingEverything Wed 23-Feb-11 10:13:34

Of course it must stand, though I think it should be locked and the new thread limited to genuine members.

Its the real face of UKIP innit - gatecrashing a parenting website to call the members 'feminazis'.

I'm sure Nigel Farage will be very proud smile

AitchTwoOh Wed 23-Feb-11 12:39:57

wow, this is more embarrassing already than i could ever have imagined. you UKIP people are not cool...

DamselInDisguise Wed 23-Feb-11 14:56:47

I just looked to see what the UKIP colours are and, my poor eyes, that is an ugly website.

If that yellow and pink pound sign logo is anything to go by, I never want to see the UKIP vision of new British design!

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 23-Feb-11 14:57:53

Here are their election leaflets from last year:

Lurid pink and yellow straight from Barbie: The Movie.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 23-Feb-11 14:58:34

That's Barbie the popular fashion doll, not Klaus Barbie if any UKIP fans are reading

madamimadam Wed 23-Feb-11 14:58:59

MrsDeVere, Battenburgs surely have a rich Teutonic heritage, in keeping with the acceptable racial profile of UKIP teatime treats.

It's those degenerate Welsh cakes we should all be shunning. Feckless, cowardly Celtic pastries that they are...

DamselInDisguise Wed 23-Feb-11 15:02:33

The UKIP leaflets look like they are for a dodgy loan company. They only reinforce my concerns about what they consider to be the future of British design.

Or perhaps they're basing the claim that British designers need to get a move on and do something different based on their experience with the —crappy— designers they chose to employ.

thefirstMrsDeVere Wed 23-Feb-11 15:06:48

Now I know this is my personal opinion... but I think people who join UKIP are too cowardly to join the BNP. Whenever I see a UKIP poster in a window I think 'I bet you wish that was a BNP one'

Just my opinion...

DamselInDisguise Wed 23-Feb-11 15:35:50

I do hope that Nigel isn't stopping by to defecate, hymie.

He might (OK, will) talk shit though.

To see the whole thread: LINK

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