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Sunday, 6 February 2011

UKIP: Derek Clark still facing calls to quit

We can confirm that the calls for Clark to quit are growing.

Steve Crowther – UKIP Executive Chairman - has now requested a full list of the allegations made against Clark. These include his failure to act after Derek Evans accused Gerard Batten of sexually harassing a female colleague (LINK) and Clark’s involvement in the disappearance of money raised via Ashford, the UKIP lottery, etc.

Ken Browne’s Talbot Hotel (Notts) meeting for disillusioned UKIPPERS will discuss Clark and various other matters. It will be held today. We understand that Don Ransome – UKIP RO – and his wife are not welcome.

A call for the resignation of Derek Clark as Regional Chairman will again be the main item.

Questions will be asked why UKIP East Midlands has not held a regional meeting since September 2010. This is despite numerous requests to Clark and Ransome to hold one.

Mr Browne is still looking for support in his campaign to force Clark to resign. Would you like to help?

Mr Browne can be contacted on 07776 306668 or 0115 9821814

The East Midlands also lacks a proper treasurer. Indeed, there has been no committee approved treasurer for almost 2 years.

We note that the regional accounts are understood to have just a small 'holding' sum of money therein. So where did the rest of the money go?

There is also anger that Farage and Clark are trying to force UKIPPERS in the East Midlands to accept Evans as their new treasurer. This is despite a refusal on the part of Evans to provide even a basic CV to members!

We can confirm that Mr Evans has ambitions to succeed Clark as an MEP. Indeed, he has been busy smearing any potential rival. Chris Pain – second on the current East Midlands MEP list - has been one of his recent targets. Apparently, Mr Pain is ‘disloyal’ to Farage for posting certain comments on the UKIP members only forum.
It is interesting to note that Evans had expressed concerns about the validity of the recent NEC elections. See: LINK. However, he quickly dropped these doubts after it pointed out to him by a Farage sycophant that complaining about corruption in UKIP will hardly boost his chances of becoming an MEP.

Membership in the East Midlands continues to fall. It is now roughly 700. The region once had over 5,600 members.

We will be publishing more on this story tomorrow.

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