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Sunday, 27 February 2011

UKIP: More Farage hypocrisy while Nikki Sinclaire exposes EU waste

Nigel relaxes with his fascist EFD friends after a taxpayer-funded jolly to Finland

Farage on yet another UK taxpayer-funded jolly. This time he pops up in Finland!


Did we miss something? We rather thought that UKIP MEPs were committed to not going on taxpayer funded 'jollies'?

But now we see that Farage and his far-right EFD group recently popped up in Finland, complete with an entourage of staff. Have the rules changed for UKIP, or is it simply that Farage makes up the rules as he goes along?

Nikki Sinclaire on yet more EU waste

If only Farage was as committed to doing what he was elected to do! But sadly, Farage went native years ago!

From Nikki's blog:

These six full body security scanners were purchased by the EU in 2005 at a cost in excess of £100,000 each. They have never been used and were ordered without consultation. These machines have been left to rot on pallets in a disused garage in the depths of the parliament building. It was quite a task to locate them!

I have made it a task this year especially to identify waste, corruption and irresponsible use of taxpayers money in these times of extreme austerity. This is another example of the waste and mismanagement in the European Union, indeed, taxpayer subsidised bureaucracy. This is only a small portion of the £50 million a day the UK gives the EU but it is endemic of how the EU is fundamentally flawed. It beggars belief that these unelected bureaucrats purchased the most expensive machines available at the time, they seem impervious to economic realities.

MEP's put their their own self importance ahead of the security in the parliament with many refusing to undergo the simplest of security checks led the campaign to stop the use of these machines in the parliament which are in use in 70 airports across Europe including Manchester and London Heathrow.

Security in the parliament is a great cause for concern following three robbery's in a many years and a journalist managing to smuggle in a toy gun and stand yards away from Prince Charles on his recent visit, bureaucrats are running around like headless chickens looking for someone to blame often picking on the lowest in the chain.

It looks like a national Sunday newspaper will be taking the story up.

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